A start-up that is founded on data

Here we present the story of a company that not only has impressive achievements but also counters a number of clichés that immediately come to mind when you hear the term “start-up”. For it proves that even an experienced entrepreneur can create a start-up. Moreover, you don’t really need to be involved with trendy wireless technologies to draw attention.

Sense Monitoring aims high

This is a startup where you cannot have a fear of heights or open spaces. Their everyday working environments are the huge expanses of flat roofs. So every member of the team has to show courage and boldly propose innovative ways to improve the safety of the staff and protect the building structure.

A straight path to success with the KPT: Optimo Light

Optimo Light is a technology start-up set up in 2016. OptiMo technology is a breakthrough: it changes the thinking about lighting that is to become an unnoticeable companion in the everyday life of every human being.

A breakthrough solution in controlling vehicles

InMotion Labs is an incubated with headquarters in the Kraków Technology Park (KPT). It entered the market in 2017 to operate in the electronics sector. Its breakthrough product is a tool that allows to detect incorrectly parked vehicles.

Global success of Velis Real Estate Tech

Velis Real Estate Tech is a company developing digital solutions for the real estate market, operating from the Kraków Technology Park. Singu, their software package, is implemented in a growing number of buildings all over the world. The recent months have been a particular success. The company has operated in the market for over ten years, having completed over 400 projects not only in Europe but also in the Middle East and Africa.

FindAir – continuously blazing trails

FindAir is an innovative solution for the people who want to be treated better and physicians who want to treat better.

25 years of DAKO

DAKO, producer of high-quality windows and doors celebrates 25 years of operation this year. The company was founded by the Studziński brothers in 1994, and today operates on the space of 26,300m². DAKO has received two permits for operation in special economic zone from the Krakow Technology Park.

A Start-up is no easy game. Especially if your ambitions are global

Talent Alpha is building a platform that gives companies looking for IT professionals very quick access to such resources. It is a new phenomenon in the market, known as activities in the Human Cloud.

10 years of BerryLife

BerryLife develops innovative installations for events, museums, and showrooms. It celebrates 10 years of operation this year.


Success of the family business
25 years ago, when most new businesses looked for niches in the services sector, PROTECH targeted industry. Time proved it right.


Selvita’s new investment
Selvita is building its own Research and Development Center for Innovative Medicines in Krakow in the Krakow SEZ.

Exim Coding

Successful micro-company
Exim Coding is the first micro-company to have received tax relief as part of the new governmental programme: Polska Strefa Inwestycji – the Polish Investment Zone.


Small company, big potential
The decision to support the investment gives the furniture manufacturer a greater momentum in the implementation of development plans.

Motorola Solutions Jubilee

90 years in global operations, 20 years in Kraków
The R&D centre in Kraków is one of the most innovative centres of that kind that Motorola Solutions runs in the world.

Velvet CARE

The great leap
During the last five years the new company made the greatest leap in the history of the production facility in Klucze.

Comarch bolstering, reinvesting, and employing

Comarch bolstering, reinvesting, and employing
One of Poland’s largest ICT companies is planning successive investments in the Kraków sez. Their value exceeds PLN 65 million.

Reality Games – rapid development

Reality Games showed its first game, Landlord Real Estate Tycoon, to the world in 2015. What seemed to be yet another mobile up has been downloaded by over 10 million people in 2 years, which boosted the revenue to USD 200,000 a month.


Autenti: a start-up winner

#Fintech #eSignature
An example of a company that obtained PLN 6.3 million from two investors: Innovation Nest and Black Pearls VC in just six months from its incorporation, and is now set to conquer global markets. They began in the KPT Incubator.

Mabuchi Motors – an investment worth 360 million

Mabuchi Motors – An investment worth 360 million
Mabuchi Motors chose the Kraków special economic zone for its first European investment

3 million zloty for Seedia

#smartCity #incubation
A young member of the faculty of the AGH University of Science and Technology in Kraków only had an idea and was looking for a place to develop it.
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Companies at KPT


Digital Dragons Indie Celebration winners


Ghostrunner of Krakow’s One More Level studio turned out to be the best game of the indie games competition organized by Krakow Technology Park in cooperation with Walkabout, Steam and AMD.

Digital Dragons is organizing an event on Steam


From 13th to 15th of May Digital Dragons, Valve and Walkabout Games are holding an online Indie game showcase on Steam. Fifty indie titles will be showcased on a special Steam page, with demos, streams, and interviews through all 3 days. On the last day a virtual award ceremony will be held – awarding best games with a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place, alongside a community vote award.

Copernicus Masters


Krakow Technology Park as a Copernicus Masters Regional Associate 2020 is proud to announce start of the leading innovation competition for commercial Earth observation. Open for submissions until 30 June 2020, the competition awards prizes to innovative solutions, services, and business concepts that use Earth observation data to solve important societal and environmental challenges.

Kraków Technology Park: we are online!


A week ago we all had to adjust to the current developments and change the way we work. On the one hand, it is challenge, but on the other it is an opportunity to test new solutions and look for new activities. The Kraków Technology Park (KPT) continues its operation with no interruptions, and very quickly implemented the new channels for working with and contacting clients.

Digital Dragons 2020 postponed


As the situation affecting us all is progressing, we’ve made a difficult decision to postpone the conference. Digital Dragons 2020 will take place on the 14th-15th September 2020 in ICE Kraków Congress Centre in Poland.

Warsaw Video Games Industry 2019/20 – report


A report prepared for the Capital City of Warsaw, containing a full picture of Warsaw’s game development companies and analysing the attractiveness of Warsaw as a place to do business in the game development area.

Nidec Motors & Actuators develops presence in Małopolska


Nidec Motors & Actuators is the first Japanese company to have invested in Kraków special economic zone. Now it has received a support decision for another development, and declares outlay of at least PLN 165,210,000.

Digital Dragons 2019 Conference


This year’s Digital Dragons Conference for video games creators turned out to be record-breaking in history. The ICE Congress Center in Krakow was visited by nearly 2,000 participants from 48 countries.

KFF Industry in Krakow Technology Park


KFF Industry is the part of the Krakow Film Festival dedicated to film professionals. This year we hosting two events from the series: Focus on Finland conference and Doc Lab Poland Co-production Market.

Talent Alpha success


Our client Talent Alpha received PLN 18,5 million from external investors as part of its seed funding round. Congratulations!

Welcome aboard


We are pleased to announce that the new vice president of Krakow Technology Park is Łukasz Słoniowski.

Happy Easter!


Light Conference vol. V


„A leader is a person who knows the road, follows it and shows it to others” – states John C. Maxwell, a world-famous authority in leadership. A leader also knows that sometimes the road should be… changed! On May the 13th, for the 5th time, we invite you to the conference for leaders in management organised by our client Leaders Island.

FRONT EDGE Innovation and Leadership Summit


Innovativeness and leadership are the biggest challenges of modern business organizations. Therefore, we invite you to the conference, which will take place on April 8 and 9 in the Manggha centre in Kraków. The event is organized by the Freenovation.org foundation.

Desiging the Future Conference


Our client M.A.D. Engineers, together with Konfoteka and BIM Klaster, organize a conference and workshops devoted to engineers using BIM technology. For the first time in three years the meeting will be held in Krakow. We invite you on April 3rd and 4th to the International Cultural Center, Rynek 25.

Tax exemptions for companies from the Life Science sector


On Tuesday, March 19th, we invite you to the Second VIP Breakfast, during which new possibilities of investment support within the Polish Investment Zone will be discussed. The meeting is organized together with the LifeScience Krakow Cluster.

IV Irish-Polish Innovation Forum


On March the 13th, we invite you to a conference devoted to the Irish and the Polish ways of stimulating innovation in the economy.

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