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World Medical Technology Leader Investing in Skawina


Stryker Poland Manufacturing sp. z o.o. will invest PLN 265 million in the development of its facility in Skawina.

Listed on the New York Stock Exchange, Stryker Corporation, a global leader in the medical products and equipment industry, also ranks among the top 500 publicly traded companies in the United States.

Digital Dragons Conference 2024 is behind us


The biggest names in global gamedev, led by Swen Vincke, CEO of Larian Studios, who received the Digital Dragons Award statuette for the legendary Baldur’s Gate 3, met in Krakow for another edition of one of the biggest B2B events for the games industry in Europe. Digital Dragons Conference, which was record-breaking in many respects, has just concluded.

Best Polish Game of 2023


Digital Dragons Awards Gala is behind us. We have learned what were the best Polish games of 2023. Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty from CD PROJEKT RED turned out to be the best in two categories – Best Polish Game and Best Polish Narrative. The other winners were Against the Storm (Best Polish Game Design), Inkulinati (Best Polish Game Visual Art), The Invincible (Best Polish Game Audio), Hero Legacy: Adventure RPG (Best Polish Mobile Game) and Baldur’s Gate 3 (Best Foreign Game).

Tanium Poland: supporting cybersecurity


Kraków has been selected for the home of the Centre of Excellence for Tanium, providers of cybersecurity and systems management. Tanium will take advantage of financial incentives provided by Polish Investment Zone (PSI), investing in the region, and employing local specialists.

KPT closes 2023 with 60 new investments and over PLN 2 BN investment in Małopolska


Kraków Technology Park (KPT) issued 60 support decisions support as part of the Polish Investment Zone in 2023. Entrepreneurs have declared a total investment outlay of PLN 2 003 899 655.59 and opening 1099 new jobs.

Krakow Technology Park Awarded Global Free Zones of the Year 2023


For the first time in history, Krakow Technology Park has received an award presented by fDi Intelligence, a part of Financial Times Ltd., in the field of special economic zones worldwide. KPT was named the best zone in Europe in the Industrial Champion category.

We have helped companies develop faster for 25 years


Kraków Technology Park (KPT) celebrated its 25th birthday on 17 February. Held at its headquarters, the gala provided an opportunity to wrap up the achievements not only of the KPT itself but also of the companies that the KPT has cooperated with in all those years, and to present selected companies being part of the KPT ecosystem with the 25 Years Prizes: golden statuettes of the Małopolska Tree of Innovation and Investment.



Following an intensive international recruitment drive, leading Industry 4.0 accelerator KPT ScaleUP is launching a six-month support programme for 11 foreign startups. The technological companies will create dedicated solutions for companies operating in Poland.

Royal Canin – the prize for the largest investment project conducted in 2021


Royal Canin Polska is a recognised leader in dog and cat nutrition, and winner of the Kraków Technology Park Prize for the €100 million investment launched into the expansion of the most modern production facility with logistics and warehouse facilities in Niepołomice in 2021.

We know the winners of the Digital Dragons Awards 2021!


The winners of the Digital Dragons Awards, the most prestigious prizes presented by the Polish video game sector, have been announced! The Medium (Bloober Team) is the winner of three statuettes in the Best Polish Game, Best Polish Game Design, and Best Polish Original Soundtrack categories. The Jury also recognised Here Be Dragons (Red Zero Games): Best Mobile Game, Papetura (Petums): Best Polish Game Art and It Takes Two (Hazelight Studios): Best Foreign Game.

A unique, eclectic package of games – surprises among the Digital Dragons Awards nominees


Giving out the Digital Dragons Awards – prestigious awards for the best games of last year which involve the entirety of Polish gamedev – are a mainstay of May’s Digital Dragons conference, organized by the Kraków Technology Park.

Nominations for 112 Operator, Shing! and Ghostrunner, Cyberpunk 2077 and Carrion


Digital Dragons Awards are prestigious gaming industry awards awarded in six categories: Best Polish Game, Best Polish Game Design, Best Polish Game Art, Best Polish Mobile Game and Best Polish Game Original Soundtrack. Polish developers also choose the nominees for Best Foreign Game.

€95 million to be invested by MAN in Małopolska!


€95 million is the value of the new investment by MAN Truck & Bus SE, supported by the Polish Investment Zone in Niepołomice. The memorandum of understanding was signed at the Kraków Technology Park (KPT), and MAN received the decision about support from Prime Minister Jarosław Gowin.

Galileo and Copernicus Masters Open for Submissions until 19 July 2021


The next round of the Copernicus Masters and Galileo Masters innovation competitions are now open! Prepare and apply to the biggest Earth Observation and Satellite Navigation competitions Register and find out how you can win cash prizes and more.

We know the winners of Digital Dragons Indie Celebration 2021!


2021 editions of Digital Dragons Indie Celebration and Business Meet Up are over. Events hosted by Kraków Technology Park, dedicated to game developers, publishers, investors, other industry professionals and indie games enthusiasts attracted people from all over the World. Community and jury decided which games deserve to be honored with a special Digital Dragons Best Indie Games Awards and 247 development studios, 115 publishers and 36 investors were networking for two days of Business Meet Up.

Małopolska businesses opt for modern technologies


Extension of the plant, modernisation of the production line, and purchase of equipment – all these are possible thanks to support decision from the Polish Investment Zone. J.A. GĄSKA, Huzar, and Saint-Gobain HPM Polska are the three successive enterprises will now use these opportunities.

Happy and peaceful Easter!


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Companies at KPT

Rockfin, a company of global outreach, expanding operations in Gorlice

Rockfin sp. z o.o. is a leading manufacturer in the machines industry. It specialises in designing, producing, testing, and servicing advanced oil, fuel, and drive systems for various market sectors.

Coolomat: Polish solution capturing US markets

Coolomat is a manufacturer of collection devices for victuals purchased online. The distinctive feature of their machines is the technology of storage ensuring temperature control. They feature a temperature regulation system that keeps food fresh longer, and allows delivery and collection of frozen produce.

VIVENTO – we’re not stopping

VIVENTO has been in the market since 1984. In December 2021 the company received a decision about support under Polish Investment Zone programme from the Kraków Technology Park (KPT). Despite the difficult situation in the market, the company is robustly developing its business and modernising the plant, proving that it makes sense to invest even when the going gets tough.

GAL investing in Nowe Brzesko – success founded on cooperation

PPHU GAL provides resistance to corrosion for metal and steel constructions, its main areas of operation being hot galvanising, anodising, and powder coating. In December 2021 the KPT presented the company with a decision granting support for its construction of production halls in Nowe Brzesko under the Polish Investment Zone scheme.

Polmark – you need to catch up with the best!

POLMARK sp. z o.o. sp. k. has produced equipment for electrical installations since 1993. With current employment at 340, the company develops its business implementing Industry 4.0 solutions with the support of the Polish Investment Zone programme.

Cardinal Cryptography – a new way of safe data transferring

Cardinal Cryptography is a company dealing with cryptography and blockchain since 2019. Aleph Zero, it’s main product, introduces fundamental innovation in the sector. The platform developed by Cardinal Cryptography solves a range of problems that have troubled blockchain technology, notably scalability, security, and decentralisation.

Navigal boosts the development of the warehouse, logistics, and e-commerce sector

What used to be a small company with just a handful of employees, is today an enterprise conquering foreign markets. The history of Navigal shows that a good idea and daring in following your intentions and implementing them are the key to success.

From tech incubator to Kickstarter: Shape.Care changes the face of sport training

Shape.Care is the first complex system to support personal training on both amateur and professional levels. The solution may profoundly change the face of exercising. A Kickstarter campaign has just been launched to help the company take the product to local and international markets.

European market leader developing in Tarnów for 60 years

The history of the company Steinhof dates back to 1960. From the start of its operation the Tarnów-based company was a family business, today run and developed by the third generation.

Necessity is the mother of invention. About Restimo’s track and adaptations, and the EIT Digital Venture Program.

The Kraków Technology Park (KPT) and the EIT Digital have opened recruitment to the second edition of the EIT Digital Venture Program. Below is a short tale from Tomasz Marcińczyk, CEO and Founder of Restimo, on how to develop your idea with the EIT Digital. Last year, the company was granted €25,000 for the development of RestPay: a restaurant payment app.

EXDIN Solutions: a revolution in the food sector

The food sector is one of the most demanding areas to run business, as it has to align the needs of a producer, keen on the competitive product prices and longer shelf life, with the needs of the consumers who set a great store by the high quality of the products, nutrients, and the aesthetic values.

We go for robots

Husarion was incorporated in December 2013. The potential of the company and its founders was recognised by the KPT Seed Fund, who realised from the start that the daring project spells success

From Kraków accelerator to the guardianship of an asian dragon

The story of Shapespark, a scale-up accelerated at the Kraków Technology Park proves that even niche products may gain global recognition.

Arkan – family business with a formula for success

The development and success of Arkan proves the importance of adjustment to the changing reality, a skill characteristic of efficient managers.

A start-up that is founded on data

Here we present the story of a company that not only has impressive achievements but also counters a number of clichés that immediately come to mind when you hear the term “start-up”. For it proves that even an experienced entrepreneur can create a start-up. Moreover, you don’t really need to be involved with trendy wireless technologies to draw attention.

Sense Monitoring aims high

This is a startup where you cannot have a fear of heights or open spaces. Their everyday working environments are the huge expanses of flat roofs. So every member of the team has to show courage and boldly propose innovative ways to improve the safety of the staff and protect the building structure.

A straight path to success with the KPT: Optimo Light

Optimo Light is a technology start-up set up in 2016. OptiMo technology is a breakthrough: it changes the thinking about lighting that is to become an unnoticeable companion in the everyday life of every human being.

A breakthrough solution in controlling vehicles

InMotion Labs is an incubated with headquarters in the Kraków Technology Park (KPT). It entered the market in 2017 to operate in the electronics sector. Its breakthrough product is a tool that allows to detect incorrectly parked vehicles.

Global success of Velis Real Estate Tech

Velis Real Estate Tech is a company developing digital solutions for the real estate market, operating from the Kraków Technology Park. Singu, their software package, is implemented in a growing number of buildings all over the world. The recent months have been a particular success. The company has operated in the market for over ten years, having completed over 400 projects not only in Europe but also in the Middle East and Africa.

FindAir – continuously blazing trails

FindAir is an innovative solution for the people who want to be treated better and physicians who want to treat better.

25 years of DAKO

DAKO, producer of high-quality windows and doors celebrates 25 years of operation this year. The company was founded by the Studziński brothers in 1994, and today operates on the space of 26,300m². DAKO has received two permits for operation in special economic zone from the Krakow Technology Park.

A Start-up is no easy game. Especially if your ambitions are global

Talent Alpha is building a platform that gives companies looking for IT professionals very quick access to such resources. It is a new phenomenon in the market, known as activities in the Human Cloud.

10 years of BerryLife

BerryLife develops innovative installations for events, museums, and showrooms. It celebrates 10 years of operation this year.


Success of the family business
25 years ago, when most new businesses looked for niches in the services sector, PROTECH targeted industry. Time proved it right.


Selvita’s new investment
Selvita is building its own Research and Development Center for Innovative Medicines in Krakow in the Krakow SEZ.

Exim Coding

Successful micro-company
Exim Coding is the first micro-company to have received tax relief as part of the new governmental programme: Polska Strefa Inwestycji – the Polish Investment Zone.


Small company, big potential
The decision to support the investment gives the furniture manufacturer a greater momentum in the implementation of development plans.

Motorola Solutions Jubilee

90 years in global operations, 20 years in Kraków
The R&D centre in Kraków is one of the most innovative centres of that kind that Motorola Solutions runs in the world.

Velvet CARE

The great leap
During the last five years the new company made the greatest leap in the history of the production facility in Klucze.

Comarch bolstering, reinvesting, and employing

Comarch bolstering, reinvesting, and employing
One of Poland’s largest ICT companies is planning successive investments in the Kraków sez. Their value exceeds PLN 65 million.

Reality Games – rapid development

Reality Games showed its first game, Landlord Real Estate Tycoon, to the world in 2015. What seemed to be yet another mobile up has been downloaded by over 10 million people in 2 years, which boosted the revenue to USD 200,000 a month.


Autenti: a start-up winner

#Fintech #eSignature
An example of a company that obtained PLN 6.3 million from two investors: Innovation Nest and Black Pearls VC in just six months from its incorporation, and is now set to conquer global markets. They began in the KPT Incubator.

Mabuchi Motors – an investment worth 360 million

Mabuchi Motors – An investment worth 360 million
Mabuchi Motors chose the Kraków special economic zone for its first European investment

3 million zloty for Seedia

#smartCity #incubation
A young member of the faculty of the AGH University of Science and Technology in Kraków only had an idea and was looking for a place to develop it.
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