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Navigal boosts the development of the warehouse, logistics, and e-commerce sector

What used to be a small company with just a handful of employees, is today an enterprise conquering foreign markets. The history of Navigal shows that a good idea and daring in following your intentions and implementing them are the key to success. 


Navigal was set up over two decades ago, originally as a sole-proprietor enterprise, to turn into a limited liability company (spółka z o. o.) three years later. Its long-standing patrons still remember the business operating as IT Piast, even as after last year’s rebranding, it became known as Navigal, the change being inspired by the eagerness to develop even faster and extend operation to international markets. 


The company focuses on the creation, integration, and development of IT systems supporting logistics and operation of warehouses and e-shops. Cooperation with Microsoft has been a major business success for Navigal. They became partners, and were Poland’s first winners of the Microsoft Pinnacle Award. The accolade is awarded to the best companies implementing Dynamics 365 systems. At the moment of its success, Navigal was still a small business with employment of around 20. It is worth emphasising that the Polish company was picked out from among nearly 600 enterprises operating all over the world. Navigal has developed so energetically that by now it has won certifications in eight categories, becoming Microsoft Gold Partner in six, and Silver in the remaining two. 


Following what Navigal does, you can see a dynamic progress in the business and the solutions they offer: warehousing and logistics systems. The company has designed three proprietary products, of which two have already been marketed. The first of them, SmartWMS, serves smart management of your warehouse. The second, which Navigal called SmartInvOpt, is a system using genetic algorithms and neural networks to make predictions, which lets it forecast the future and suggest warehouse traffic on the grounds of the collected data. The company’s third product, wwWareShop, has only started its career in the market, and is intended to automate warehouse management, integration with sales platforms and courier services, and, what follows, to reduce the amount of work it takes to do e-commerce. The system is primarily dedicated to SMEs with warehouses and mail order services. 


Navigal sets great store by good cooperation, which is why it is highly motivated to maintain friendly contacts with the purchasers of its services. 


“The relationships we build with clients are so close that there comes a time when you can say it is no longer business but a family” Marcin Sobczyk, director of the Business Development Division, explained.


The company intends to expand soon into international markets including Chile, Canada, Australia, Spain, and Sweden. All the systems in those countries will be implemented remotely. The products that the company develops not only let it observe its own development but also the progress of its business partners, who increase their turnover and capital on year-to-year basis. 


The eagerness to continue the growth has resulted in a major investment that the company has planned for the nearest future: it will invest over PLN 5 million into setting up a new enterprise. For that reason, Navigal decided not only to take advantage of the tax relief provided under the Polish Investment Zone programme but also to rent offices in the building of the Kraków Technology Park, where it will run the aforementioned projects supporting the development of the e-commerce sector. 


Navigal enjoys the ever-growing number of clients, and is primarily geared on the quality of its services and the expansion of the options that it can offer its customers. There are more and more businesses that make use of the solutions the company proposes, and most of clients have been recommended to reached Navigal by their other clients. The company also grows internally, increasing the number of its employees. There are already 60 people working for Navigal, and the process of employment continues. 


“This is one of the reasons why we have decided to rent offices from the KPT. Space was limited at our previous address. Today we have an opportunity to rent more rooms within the same building. KPT gives us this opportunity to develop without changing the address, Marcin Sobczyk added.


More information on the company is available at:


phone 12 640 19 40

fax 12 640 19 45

Krakowski Park Technologiczny sp. z o.o.

ul. Podole 60

30-394 Kraków

NIP 675-11-57-834

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