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Office spaces

Ruczaj, ul. Podole 60 

Technology Incubator

My company has operated for less than 2 years.



My company has operated for more than 2 years.



For companies with any experience

Czyżyny, ul. Życzkowskiego 14


For companies with any experience


Are you looking for an ideal office for a company from the new technologies sector?

Kraków Technology Park (KPT) goes far beyond just office spaces for lease. It is a special place, unlike any other. Work steps out of its standard frames here. This is where a true ecosystem of tech companies has developed. Apart from working within their teams, they gladly contact other enterprises and start-ups.

Why choosing KPT for your office location makes sense?


  • direct access to training programmes
  • expert mentoring
  • contact with businesses from the games and IT sectors
  • even easier access to satellite data
  • option to have your office arranged to cater to your needs.

At KPT you can design your office the way you want it:

  • put up a library
  • make a recording studio
  • play the piano
  • build yourself a jungle.



In our building, businesses have created a space they like to return to and feel safe in: the space where the best ideas come to your mind. Now, you too design your workspace the way you want it.


You’ll find everything you need in Kraków Technology Park.



phone 12 640 19 40

fax 12 640 19 45

Krakowski Park Technologiczny sp. z o.o.

ul. Podole 60

30-394 Kraków

NIP 675-11-57-834

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