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Poland Prize powered by KPT

Up to €65 000 for the development of your start-up!

Grow in Poland!

The KPT Accelerator is a support programme for foreign start-ups intending to develop their operations in Poland. The programme provides financing for incorporating the company in Poland and product development, but also for helping to establish cooperation with Polish partners. We invite start-ups from the games sector and Industry 4.0 to cooperate. Recruitment to the accelerator for the game dev business is just about to start.

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Łukasz Leszczyński
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Games sector

Digital Dragons Accelerator

Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 Accelerator

Why Poland?

Poland is a stable economy with established macroeconomic position. Unique conditions for running and opening business are supported by repeatedly proven resilience to economic crises.

Poland: attractive for investors
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  • Ambitious and hard-working people. The greatest advantage of Poland are its people, especially their ambitions, motivation to learn, high work ethos, loyalty, and the entrepreneurial spirit. Poland is the largest country in Central and Eastern Europe and the sixth largest in Europe.
  • Diversification of the economy with a wide array of production, service, and agricultural enterprises. Finding business partners in such sectors as the automotive industry, aviation, IT, food processing, electronics, and finance is not at all a problem.
  • Macroeconomic stability. The healthy public finances as well as economic predictability and stability offer options of long-term investment planning. Poland is Europe’s only country to have avoided a crisis, and the public finance stands at a level far healthier than the EU average.
  • The high quality of products and services offered. Entrepreneur flexibility and readiness to meet even the most rigorous quality and industrial standards.
  • Investments into infrastructure. Business opportunities are the result of the modernisation of infrastructure – whether road and rail transport or energy transfer – that are unique on the European scale.
  • Powerful internal market and access to the European market. Over 38 million consumers in Poland, and easy access to the markets of the European Union with 500 million consumers, and also to the countries of Eastern Europe.
Data on investments in Poland
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The attractiveness of Poland for investors is best proven by the data concerning investments:

  • €199.79 billion is the value of liabilities from the title of direct foreign investments (BIZ) as of the end of 2018 according to the National Bank of Poland; increase by 2.7% Y2Y). The largest share of the BIZ investment inflow were the reinvested profits, which is a proof of investor loyalty for the Polish market.
  • €3 billion was the joint total value of the investment projects completed by PAIH in 2019 (growth by €2 .5 billion from 2015). Nearly half of that total were re-investments.
  • According to EU’s European Attractiveness Survey 2019: Poland was considered the sixth most attractive destination for BIZ in Europe (and No. 1 in Central and Eastern Europe). Here, were followed the UK, France, Germany, Spain, and Belgium.
Economic data (Statistics Poland, IMF, data as of the end of 2019)
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  • GDP value: $565.85 billion (current prices)
  • GDP growth: 4.0%
  • annual inflation: +2.3%
  • exports: $264.5 billion
  • volume of trade/balance: exports: €230 5.8 billion, imports: €234 billion, balance: €1 .8 billion aplikuj teraz
  • public debt to the GDP ratio: 46.5% (as of the end of the year)
  • unemployment rate: 5.2% (as of the end of the year).


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