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Success stories

Get to know the stories of companies that have benefited from the support of the Polish Investment Zone and the special economic zone.

From Kraków accelerator to the guardianship of an asian dragon

The story of Shapespark, a scale-up accelerated at the Kraków Technology Park proves that even niche products may gain global recognition.


Shapespark dates back to 2015. That is when Jan Wróbel and Wojciech Matyjewicz, university mates, realised the potential of WebGL technology for direct presentation of 3-D content in website browsers. They recognised that the technology will make a significant impact on the 3-D visualisation sector. WebGL solved the problem of distributing 3-D content, because it released the user from downloading and installing additional software on computers and smartphones. The future founders of Shapespark believed that to pave the way for interactive 3-D visualisations of architecture, which let you peek into any corner of complex spaces.

Selvita’s new investment

Selvita is building its own Research and Development Center for Innovative Medicines in Krakow in the Krakow SEZ.

Selvita is one of Europe’s largest biotech companies, actively discovering and developing drugs used in oncology. It also provides laboratory research and development services commissioned by pharmaceutical, biotech, and chemical companies from all over the world.

In September 2016 Selvita announced the plan to build its own Research and Development Centre for Innovative Drugs in Kraków. The plot where the development will take place lies several hundred metres away from Selvita laboratories, in the vicinity of the Kraków Technology Park (KPT), on the premises of the Kraków special economic zone, in ul. Podole.

Exim Coding

Successful micro-company

micro-company production

Exim Coding is the first micro-company to have received tax relief as part of the new governmental programme: Polska Strefa Inwestycji – the Polish Investment Zone.

The company has been in the market since 2005, distributing and producing printers-labellers for packaging equipment that also supplies service, consumables, and spares. The company also provides production support equipment, and a range of health and safety industrial markings for industrial facilities.


small company, big potential

Walker, producer of unconventional furniture, is the third company to have received the support decision as part of the new programme: Polska Strefa Inwestycji – the Polish Investment Zone.

The company produces unconventional furniture sets for professional and private use. The company provides complex services for restaurants, bars, hotels, cafés, schools, and individual clients, answering their specific needs.

Motorola Solutions

90 years in the world, 20 years in Krakow

Motorola Solutions develops advanced communication technologies and implements pioneering solutions all over the world, Poland included. On 2 October 2018 the company celebrated a double anniversary: 90 years of operation and 20 years of activity in Kraków.

There are two divisions of Motorola Solutions operating in Poland: the Kraków Software Design Center focused on research and development, and the Systems Engineering Eastern Europe Department in Warsaw. What Motorola opened first was a commercial office in Warsaw.

Velvet Care

The great leap

During the last five years the new company made the greatest leap in the history of the production facility in Klucze.

In the last 20 years, the paper production plant in Klucze and Velvet brand went through a number of ownership changes, becoming part of International Paper (1996–2003) and Kimberly-Clark (2003–13). The investment made at the time expanded the manufacturing equipment, adding modern processing lines.


The company celebrates its 25th anniversary

Comarch is one of the first investors operating within the zone in Kraków.

In 1999, the company received the second permit for running business issued by the KPT. By now the Kraków tycoon has received five of them altogether. The latest lets the company build a new structure offering the total of 27,000 m² of space, which will significantly increase its IT system development and production capacity. It will let Comarch increase its employment by at least 300 people.

Mabuchi Motors

An investment worth 360 million

Mabuchi Motors is the leading global producer of small electric motors that supply among others windshield wipers, mirrors, seats, and other mobile elements in cars.

In 2016 the corporation decided to start the first production facility in Europe. The winning bid came from the Kraków Technology Park (KPT), who offered the best conditions for investment: a convenient plot in the Bochnia economic activity zone, situated by an exit from the A4 motorway, a short term for trudging through the red tape thanks ot the cooperation with the PAIH and the City of Bochnia, and obviously public aid in the form of a preferential tax relief.


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