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25 years of DAKO

“For 25 years we have worked to make your place on earth beautiful”, Jerzy Studziński, president of DAKO, said when the company was celebrating 25 years of operation.


DAKO, producer of high-quality windows and doors celebrates 25 years of operation this year. The company was founded by the Studziński brothers in 1994, and today operates on the space of 26,300m². DAKO has received two permits for operation in special economic zone from the Krakow Technology Park.

The company produces PVC, wooden and aluminium doors and windows, as well as external blinds and garage gates that are delivered to Polish and foreign customers. As the company is conquering the markers of Asia and North America, 50% of DAKO produce is exported.


In 25 years clients have developed trust in DAKO, as attested by the high level of export not only to European countries but also to the markets of Asia and North America. The company also owes its success to long-term investor relations, increasing recognisability in West European countries (France, Italy, Germany) and capacity to run increasingly ambitious projects and launch cooperation.


“The 25 years of the brand have been the time of hard work on developing our credibility in the capacity of a business partner, design and development of products whose quality satisfies the needs of highly demanding clients, and investment into development: extending technological production capacity, including opening of a new production hall in 2017, investments in the human capital, and boosting staff competences”, Anna Studzińska, DAKO marketing director, said.


“Opportunity to work in special economic zone lets us invest primarily in the strategic areas of brand development and consequently expand and furnish production halls, which directly translates into the increase of the company’s production capacity and its competitive edge in the market but also allows to increase employment”, she adds.

DAKO persistently implements long-term business strategy, planning the development of the its global sales network based on expertise and high quality of the services offered. The company’s philosophy is focused on high-class products that make it possible to compete with other Polish producers in foreign markets.


The company does not rule out the possibility of even further extension of the plant, whose production capacity is becoming insufficient due to the increasing demand for DAKO’s products. Currently, the company operates production facilities in Nowy Sącz and Biczyce Dolne.


The official crowning of the celebration of DAKO’s 25th birthday was the grand Jubilee Gala held at Kraków’s Double Thee by Hilton on 13 September 2019. Visitors from France, Italy, Belgium, and Germany, business partners, suppliers, and staff and their families were celebrating together the success of DAKO and its spectacular development. There was the obligatory birthday cake, plenty of pleasant words, and declarations that DAKO has not yet said its last word, and still finds that the world is not enough.


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