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hub4industry - European Digital Innovation Hub

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Hub4industry is a comprehensive support center for industrial companies looking to implement Industry 4.0 solutions in their factories.


It’s a hub for digital innovations run by Krakow Technology Park as well as business companies: ASTOR, T-Mobile Poland, ICsec, ReliaSol and Entra Group, along with academic institutions like the AGH University of Science and Technology and the Cracow University of Technology. The initiative also involves experts from Cluster of Information Technologies in Building Industry (BIM Klaster) and the Krakow Institute of Technology (KIT) in the Łukasiewicz Network.


The consortium’s offer covers all the crucial areas of digital transformation for manufacturing enterprises. We integrate key technologies and Future Factory solutions, including 5G network connectivity, automation and robotics, IIoT, artificial intelligence (AI), augmented and virtual reality (AR and VR), cloud computing, BIM technology, and 3D printing. We assist businesses in enhancing their competitiveness in the market, primarily by optimizing their production processes.


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Contact for companies

Daniel Kessler

tel. 537 555 504


Contact for media

Kinga Wróbel

tel. 453 035 767



Services we offer


We support entrepreneurs determined to introduce innovative Industry 4.0 technological solutions into their companies. Our services for businesses include, among others:


  • Designing of roadmaps for the transformation of a company towards Industry 4.0;
  • Business training and workshops on implementing new technologies and business models;
  • Specialized technological training and robotics workshops;
  • Analysis of IT and OT networks, advisory services in organization, optimization, and cybersecurity;
  • Audit and advisory services in the field of data analysis, including the use of AI (e.g., energy consumption, predictive maintenance).
  • Audit of production processes, advisory services in the optimization and automation areas.
  • Assistance in selecting Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP), and Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) for effective business management;
  • BIM (Building Information Modeling) consulting and training;
  • Technology transfer for businesses, including renewable energy sources, foundry, soldering, material engineering, and other areas;
  • Testing and integration of 5G networks, IIoT devices, NB-IoT, and gatekeeper networks;
  • Testing and implementation of technology in the fields of robotics, automation, data analysis, telecommunication infrastructure (SD-LAN/WAN), cybersecurity, quality control, and other specialized areas such as prototyping;
  • Assistance in searching for sources of financing, support for investment as well as technology development.


Our offer is addressed to all businesses, especially small and medium sized production companies, chiefly from the Małopolskie, Śląskie, Podkarpackie, and Świętokrzyskie regions.


An example of the effects of cooperation with hub4industry is increased digitization of the enterprise, increased production efficiency and system reliability, improved cybersecurity, and enhanced qualifications of engineering staff.


You can find more about our services here:

Meetings, workshops, study visits


Hub4industry organizes meetings, workshops, conferences, and study visits in modern factories. The target audience for these events includes plant owners, production engineers, automation and robotics specialists, maintenance engineers, and employees of innovation and R&D departments. The meetings are led by practitioners and experts and are open to registration. Speakers share valuable knowledge, and participants have the opportunity for networking and establishing valuable connections.

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Showroom of the Factory of the Future

In October 2020, we opened an extraordinary space for entrepreneurs from all over Poland, especially the southern region – Showroom of the Factory of the Future. The showcase factory is located in two Krakow locations: at 3 Wrobela Street (ASTOR Robotics Center) and 29 Smoleńsk Street (ASTOR Technology Park).

The hub4industry showroom is a space designed by experts and practitioners of new technologies. It showcases key aspects of the ‘Factory of the Future’, representing a modern manufacturing enterprise: intelligent robotics, reliable wireless network, smart analytics, flexible logistics, and cybersecurity in the industry. This place is created for all representatives of manufacturing companies who are planning to introduce elements of modern production to their factories and want to see these solutions in practice.



Visits to the showcase factory are free of charge.

All you need to do is to fill the form on our website:


The project


The European Digital Innovation Hub (EDIH) is an initiative supported by the European Union that aims to provide comprehensive support for businesses, assisting them in the digitization process, implementing modern technologies, and enhancing competitiveness. The Digital Innovation Hub (EDIH) functions as educational centers, offering training, consultancy, and organizing networking events, while also providing access to the latest solutions and best practices in the field of Industry 4.0. EDIH is an EU-supported initiative aimed at accelerating the digital transformation process in Europe and creating innovative business ecosystems.




Project value (total project cost): 25,878,347.92 PLN

Amount of European Funds contribution: 23,795,962.34 PLN


The contact form for companies interested in participating in the project is here .


All questions can be directed at e-mail address of:


belka projektowa

The hub4industry project is co-financed by the European Commission under the “Digital Europe” program for the years 2021-2027 and co-financed by the European Union under the European Funds for the Modern Economy 2021-2027 Program, Priority II, Innovation-Friendly Environment, Action 2.22 ‘Co-financing EDIH activities.’



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