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Coolomat: Polish solution capturing US markets

Coolomats help in online ordering (click & collect) of meat and dairy products, that, as a rule, can’t stay longer out of the fridge. The machine can also be used for dry foods and household chemicals.


Keen on the innovative quality of the idea, its technological advancement, qualified specialists, and a powerful potential for development of the project in Polish and international markets, the Kraków Technology Park Seed Fund has made an investment into the project.


Coolomat entered the play in 2014, and used the several following years to develop its partner network. It is one of the first companies to market the concept of food storage devices. In 2019, the company decided to expand and started distribution abroad.



Currently, it is active in the United States, Spain, Austria, and Slovenia, with the US market being the leading one.


“I consider entering the American market our greatest success. We managed to do it thanks to the experience from the pilot project with just 30 machines that operated in Warsaw in 2018–20, with partners including Frisco, Carrefour, and Auchan. The practical technical experience we gained at the time made it possible for us to design a new generation of machines for the American market, showing our US partners they can trust us and start cooperating with us. We have all the certificates necessary to operate and sell in the American market” Coolmat’s CEO, Marcin Warzocha, explained.


There are already several dozens of clients who use Coolmat devices in the US, their number including retail networks, phytosanitary services, and food banks.


“There are several dozen thousands of places where food aid is distributed to US citizens. During the pandemic, there was a shortage of volunteers in the food parcel collection points, and Coolmats filled that gap in the distribution system ideally. We see a great development potential in this market”, the company’s CEO added.

The project is in the hands of experts from machine construction, cooling, IT and management sectors, and the solution itself is predominantly focused on the clients in the e-grocery and logistics sectors, yet the target group continues to expand.


The company is highly successful internationally and continues to develop, its future plans include even more intensive foreign expansion in Europe and boosting the US sales.


“Coolmat is a company from our portfolio that instils us with special pride. An example of a company that has used its business experience in cooperation with major Polish players in the food sector to develop their know-how. And that let them enter international markets. They also found a perfect window of opportunity amidst the pandemic and rising prices as the demand for food had grown. Many of our startups dream of entering the US market, and this one not only succeeded but also continues to increase their sales”, Marcin Nalepa, President of the Board of the KPT Sead Fund explains.


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