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European market leader developing in Tarnów for 60 years

The history of the company Steinhof dates back to 1960. From the start of its operation the Tarnów-based company was a family business, today run and developed by the third generation. Its founder, Stanisław Steinhof, started an enterprise that, 60 years into its operation, is one of Europe’s largest producers of towbars, and one of Poland’s largest producers of brake pads.


The 1990s were a breakthrough in the development of the company. It was then that Marek Steinhof, the current owner, expanded his home enterprise into a vibrant and prosperous production facility. In the following years, the company successively increased production. The lack of options for further development at the original location made it embark on the construction of a new production facility in Niedomice near Tarnów, with the support of the Polish Investment Zone. Not only was a new production hall built, but the company also modernised its Tarnów facility.

Looking back at the 60 years of operation in the market, we see that the route we have gone a long way, yet thanks to the determination, hard work, and right decisions, we’ve created a family company that leads in the sector. We have ambitious plans for further development, and there is plenty of work ahead in the coming years. We want to introduce new applications to our range, invest in modern technologies, and look for successive sales markets to develop the company and promote Polish products abroad , Monika Majchrowicz, Steinhof’s director for development, explained.

Although Steinhof Group is best known for the towbars it produces, the range of its key products includes brake pads for passenger cars and heavy duty use. The brake pads are made of properly selected mixture of asbestos-free friction materials that are delivered by tested and certified suppliers only. The unique mix of friction materials used for the production comes from Steinhof’s laboratory. The production technology is based on an automated production line. The presses on the shop floor offer pressing forces of up to 800 tons. Each stage of the technological processes is controlled by a specialist laboratory and supervised by the internal R&D centre. Steinhof’s production of towbars and brake pads based on ISO Quality Management System. All the products have all the required certificates and approvals issued by the Vehicle Certification Agency from the UK, and also Polish certificates issued by PIMOT PIMOT (Przemysłowy Instytut Motoryzacji).


Late in December we received a decision about the support in the Polish Investment Zone, which will let us build a state-of-the-art hall, to which we will shift part of the production. We also want to set up a modern production line for towbar components, which will significantly increase our production capacity. This will help us be more competitive in the markets. With 60 years of company’s experience in hand, we know that continuous development is necessary. The history of Steinhof the company, is precisely a history of development continuing from generation to generation” Monika Majchrowicz added.


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