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From tech incubator to Kickstarter: Shape.Care changes the face of sport training

Incubation is the first step that helps a start-up to verify and arrange business goals, and also to meet experts in the field and find potential investors. It comes with an option to rent an office at highly competitive prices, and acquire business contacts. A leverage to success for many businesses.


The Kraków Technology Park (KPT) and Shape.Care are an example of a good partnership lasting for years. Piotr Hołubowicz, one of the founders, cooperated with the KPT Technology Incubator on his previous projects and start-ups, and Tomasz Krzyszkowski, CEO of Shape.Care, was strongly involved in the local start-up community and the park itself on tech and start-up events. There are all reasons to believe that this is only the start of the road to success.


Virtual personal trainer


Shape.Care is the first complex system to support personal training on both amateur and professional levels. The solution was created by a team of new-tech experts coming from the Technology Incubator of the Kraków Technology Park. The solution may profoundly change the face of exercising. A Kickstarter campaign has just been launched to help the company take the product to local and international markets.

The innovative solution of Shape.Care company is here primarily to facilitate training and mobilise you to exercise.

We wanted to solve the problem of the quality and regularity of training, which both we ourselves and our friends encountered. So we began to wonder what could motivate us and make sure we reach our goals. Some time later, we discovered the solution, namely a personal instructor.

However, the market prices of individual lessons with personal instructors are very high, and hardly any of us could afford them.


Therefore, we decided to tackle the problem somewhat differently and develop a digital alternative to the instructor: a tool to support us continuously. We finally managed to design not only a system for training but also a tool for the trainer, who will in this way be able to reach a larger group of athletes without additional costs, and provide their service at then absolutely new level. As it turned out, and was thoroughly proven by the year 2020, digitalisation affects all aspects of our lives, and it is necessary to get yourself and your business ready for change, Tomasz Krzyszkowski CEO Shape.Care noted.

Make sense of your training


It often happens that people who want to start on improving their workouts lack specialist knowledge on following specific training plans. Without the knowledge of correct technique, you may do your exercises wrong, which result in the risk of injury and damage to your health. Moreover, workouts with your personal trainer are still severely underappreciated, which results not only from the lack of knowledge but also from the high cost. In result, motivation to stay fit slumps, and, as you miss visible effects, the dislike of the effort deepens and makes you avoid workouts. To change that, Shape.Care created a tool to help you achieve your training goals and ambitions.

Individual clients gain an innovative measuring equipment in the form of Shape.Care Smart Gloves together with a mobile app for running personal training. Personal trainers can use the online training platform, while gyms and fitness clubs have a perfect system for information access and reporting.


Harnessing the technology


The system combines the advantages of standard fitness tracking solutions (measuring the dynamic and activity) available in the market with a novel approach and complete measurement data (weight, breakdown of loads, and balance of your hand while exercising). The app is compatible with the glove and ensures continuous tracking of your workout session. This is a system fine-tuning your achievements through very precise measurements. They can define your training capacity in a complex manner, and adjust the exercises to the degree of advancement.

Shape.Care Smart Gloves furnished with a complete set of sensors offer quick and comfortable automation of measurement during the training. The gloves are made of highest quality materials in the innovative 3-D weave technology. This pioneer tool is especially helpful during strength training, as this is where both the dynamic and precision matter.

The product, whose campaign has just been launched on Kickstarter, can change the face of fitness with the use of wearable solutions.

The missing link in the legacy systems is streamlining the work of the trainer with full support and monitoring of the trained. Moreover, the measuring and analytical technologies in standard fitness tracking and fitness app solutions operate only on basic data, failing to account for the complete information necessary to define the full scope of each training session and progress, Tomasz Krzyszkowski CEO Shape.Care remarked.

The innovation and efficiency embedded in Shape.Care fills this market gap.


Development on the road to success

We are currently talking to many potential partners in the sector. They are gyms and fitness clubs, manufacturers of nutrition supplements, and sportswear producers. Here our main goal is to sign a key partnership, and integrate our products with our partner’s more extensive range of products.


The Kickstarter campaign, which we hope to be successful and allow the marketing of a product not only in Poland, triggers the need for a global approach to the product, and focusing it also on foreign consumers. The following milestone is to start the sales activity based on a network of distributors, partners, and brand ambassadors, the last being personal trainers. That means priming the sales channels and sales of the first 1000 pieces of our product, Tomasz Krzyszkowski explains.


Our goals are development and focusing on the sales, and scaling it globally in the successive countries, in line with our strategy. In the further stages, we plan strong R&D activity, and expansion of the system capacity. Our plans include taking steps to verify our assumptions and demand for the technologies, is how the CEO of Shape.Care sees the plans for the future.

There is none more important in business then the human


Shape.Care consists of experienced and competent people who perfectly well complement their skills and capacities.


Tomasz Krzyszkowski, the company’s CEO and the person responsible for supervision of software, has many years of experience as a programmer and an architect for IoT systems based on mobile applications and wearable hardware.

Piotr Hołubowicz, co-creator of the project, and the head of its R&D section is also the founder of SEEDiA: a start-up producing solar powered city furniture.

Jacek Szlendak, project partner and manager with profound experience in fitness/well-being and e-commerce sectors, has created a handful of highly prosperous brands. He currently manages the support of the sales process and funds acquisition also for Shape.Care.

Not only the founders are responsible for the project success at Shape.Care. It is the fruit of the work of a truly exceptional team including engineers with long-term experience in the manufacturing of hardware and software products, designers, programmers, visual artists, marketing experts, and lawyers.



More information on the company is available at:


Shape.Care campaign on Kickstarter platform is available here!


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