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Technology Park

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Research commercialised in the zoneSwitcher makes use of an innovative technology that is just entering final marketing phase. The advanced system for the logistics of railway turnouts designed,...

Special Economic Zone

exemption from corporate or personal tax (CIT/PIT), land for investment, comprehensive services for investors

Kraków Technology Park

a business support institution that has successfully

supported the economic development of Małopolska for years.


The beginning was a very difficult time. In 1997, a company was incorporated to manage the special economic zone in Kraków. It had no assets, capital or land for investment. Today we are a highly specialised institution operating in business environment, making a powerful impact on the economic development of Małopolska. We know how to support development of entrepreneurship, and skilfully build alliances and platforms for cooperation. We define trends in devising development strategies. We actively participate in business promotion of the region, and create efficient tools for supporting entrepreneurship.

We have come a long way. Yet the initial hurdles taught us creative approaches to reality. Instead of letting problems overcome us, we have become efficient in solving them. Thanks to such an approach we understand people in business perfectly well, and they appreciate us for professionalism and efficiency.

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Home 12/07/2016

Research commercialised in the zone

Switcher makes use of an innovative technology that is just entering final marketing phase. The advanced system for the logistics of railway turnouts designed, produced, and developed by the Kolejowe Zakłady Nawierzchniowe “Bieżanów” thanks to the funds from the National Centre for Research and Development (NCBiR) will now go into serial production thanks to a new investment project conducted in the Kraków special economic zone. To make it possible, the Board of the Kraków Technology Park (KTP) issued a permit for the company to operate within the zone a few days ago.

The company’s investment will include the development and further modernisation of the plant. The purpose is to launch the production of an innovative dumper car with a tipping platform, a safe and precise hydraulic lifting system, and special modules increasing the load rigidity and stabilisation. The Switcher will help to assemble railway turnouts faster, also on tracks dedicated for high velocity trains, maintaining the highest quality and durability of these elements of rail infrastructure as they are highly significant for travel security.


Lajkonik in the zone

Modern technologies also enter food manufacturing plants. Lajkonik Snacks will develop its operation in Kraków special economic zone. Owners of the company decided to increase production, which entails the need to expand production facilities. The new hall will be developed for a state-of-the-art multi-technology line for production of salty snacks. The new line will make it possible to programme fully the process of production and to obtain unique tastes that are certain to find plenty of enthusiasts.

The investment outlay will exceed PLN 31.8 million and result in creating at least 30 new jobs.

Home 01/07/2016

Velvet Care invests in the zone

Velvet Care, a company known very well in the Polish and international markets, decided to make a new investment. The leading Polish manufacturers of paper-based hygiene products is expanding the power plant operating in Klucze (Małopolska), by installing state-of-the-art machines producing tissue used in hygienic products.

Then investment will be completed in the Kraków special economic zone at the cost of PLN 170 million. The company employing 270 people, announced opening at least 50 new jobs. Velvet Care also runs research and development activity, and works closely with institutions of higher education, notably with the technical universities of Kraków and Łódź.

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