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Kraków Technology Park 20th Anniversary AwardsWe have the pleasure to inform you that the Kraków Technology Park Awards accompanying the NonStop Future celebrations of the 20 years of the company...

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Home 10/10/2017

Kraków Technology Park 20th Anniversary Awards

We have the pleasure to inform you that the Kraków Technology Park Awards accompanying the NonStop Future celebrations of the 20 years of the company were awarded to:

Comarch SA

It is among others thanks to this company that the world sees Kraków today as one of the best places to run modern knowledge-based investments. Operating all over the world in what is broadly construed as the IT sector, the company is Kraków’s greatest business card.

Comarch also sets an example for all start-ups as it has its roots in the academic world. It grew from the university, nearly in the proverbial garage, to become a global brand after 24 years of operation. The company received its first permit to operate in Kraków special economic zone in 1998. It was the second permit issued by the Kraków Technology Park. Since that time the operation of the company has been closely linked to the zone.

Valeo Autosystemy sp. z oo

In the 21 years of presence in our region, the company has followed a very interesting path of transformation, which has brought it to its current success, and secured successive investment projects as part of a worldwide group.

The company operates in two locations: in Chrzanów and Skawina. It is a perfect example of the economic development of Małopolska, where modern industry develops its own research and development centre in cooperation with institutions of higher education, where state-of-the-art solutions implemented directly in own factories are created. Worth adding is the fact that these make use of more than 100 modern production lines. The company is active in the motoring industry, whose contribution to the development of the Małopolska GDP is on the rise. The company already employs over 4500 people in the special economic zone, and the investment outlay declared on the power of permits issued by the KTP has reached PLN 660 million.


Kraków Technology Park: 20 years

Developing a technology park in Kraków 20 years ago, its founders envisaged ambitious tasks for the institution. The Centre for Advanced Technologies, as that was the original name of the company (Centrum Zaawansowanych Technologii), was there to build a better future of Kraków economy. It was 1997, the time of rapid economic transformations. Production plants were going out of business around Kraków and the region, and people were becoming unemployed and worried about their now uncertain future. At the time, however, there was plenty enthusiasm for changes that were to build a new dimension in the economy of our city and region. The Kraków Technology Park (KTP) was about to become one of the tools of these changes. We were to create the modern economy of Małopolska. Now, with 20 years of experience and transformations that have occurred in the world around us, we know that our role is to run ahead of the reality; that we always have to be a step ahead. There is no development without change, and time has sped up greatly, and the future in advanced economies has become the present. We have a feeling that we have used our time well, and find proofs for that every day. NonStop FUTURE is our answer to the challenges of tomorrow.

Home 30/09/2017

PHILOGIC joins the zone

Another small company to benefit from tax relief thanks to investment in the zone. PHILOGIC Sp. z o.o. will invest close to PLN 3 million and set up six new jobs in Chrzanów. The public aid the company will be granted in the successive years will relieve it from the payment of Corporate Income Tax in the approximate amount of PLN 1.6 million. A major relief for a small company, incorporated in 2011.

PHILOGIC specialises in the construction of assembly lines. Other than producing them, the company also designs and assembles devices on the production lines, and integrates software for such lines and individual stations. Moreover, PHILOGIC modifies existing equipment to increase efficiency, improve quality, and adjust extant equipment to new products.

An investment by PHILOGIC in the zone sets a perfect example for other small companies, proving the mechanism of the special economic zone to be a perfect tool for supporting development.

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Kraków Technology Park

a business support institution that has successfully

supported the economic development of Małopolska for years.


In 1997, a company was incorporated to manage the special economic zone in Kraków. It had no assets, capital or land for investment. Today we are a highly specialised institution operating in business environment, making a powerful impact on the economic development of Małopolska. We know how to support development of entrepreneurship, and skilfully build alliances and platforms for cooperation. We define trends in devising development strategies. We actively participate in business promotion of the region, and create efficient tools for supporting entrepreneurship.

We have come a long way. Yet the initial hurdles taught us creative approaches to reality. Instead of letting problems overcome us, we have become efficient in solving them. Thanks to such an approach we understand people in business perfectly well, and they appreciate us for professionalism and efficiency.



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