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Technology Park

technology incubator, office space, services for firms, seed fund


Mabuchi already in the zoneThe Kraków Technology Park (KTP) issued a permit for operation in the Kraków economic zone to Mabuchi Motor Poland sp. z o.o., a company set up by the Japanese Mabuchi...

Special Economic Zone

exemption from corporate or personal tax (CIT/PIT), land for investment, comprehensive services for investors

Kraków Technology Park

a business support institution that has successfully

supported the economic development of Małopolska for years.


In 1997, a company was incorporated to manage the special economic zone in Kraków. It had no assets, capital or land for investment. Today we are a highly specialised institution operating in business environment, making a powerful impact on the economic development of Małopolska. We know how to support development of entrepreneurship, and skilfully build alliances and platforms for cooperation. We define trends in devising development strategies. We actively participate in business promotion of the region, and create efficient tools for supporting entrepreneurship.

We have come a long way. Yet the initial hurdles taught us creative approaches to reality. Instead of letting problems overcome us, we have become efficient in solving them. Thanks to such an approach we understand people in business perfectly well, and they appreciate us for professionalism and efficiency.



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Home 03/03/2017

Mabuchi already in the zone

The Kraków Technology Park (KTP) issued a permit for operation in the Kraków economic zone to Mabuchi Motor Poland sp. z o.o., a company set up by the Japanese Mabuchi Motors corporation for investments in Poland. It is the company’s first investment in Europe.

As part of the project covered by the permit, Mabuchi declared an investment outlay of PLN 113 million and opening 253 new jobs. As company representatives have announced, this is only the first stage of development. The total investment intended in Bochnia zone lies in the range of PLN 360 million, and envisages setting up of a new production plant for the production of parts for the automotive industry, including electric motors and combustion engines, electronics, electric and electronic devices for motor vehicles, bearings, cogs, and drives elements.


Digital Dragons Awards 2017: The conference team announces the nominees, introduces new categories

Krakow becomes the European gamedev capital on May 22 through 23, for the duration of the Digital Dragons conference, the yearly summit of game developers, publishers, investors, media, and other people professionally involved in this most prolific branch of the entertainment industry. Like every year, the sixth consequent conference will see the gala of the Digital Dragons Awards handed out to those achieving exceptional feats in game design. In this year’s edition those most prestigious accolades presented in Poland will be awarded in eight categories. The list of nominees has been made public!

As the event tradition calls, the Poland based developers will compete for the accolades in the Best Polish Game, Best Polish Mobile Game, Best Polish Game Design, Best Polish Game Art, and Best Polish Game Audio. The eighth category – Best Foreign Game of 2016 – will give the Polish gaming professionals community a chance give due recognition to the notable titles from around the world, that have made a splash in 2016. The brand new Best VR Game and Best Polish DLC categories complete the lineup for the sixth edition of the Digital Dragon Awards. Here are the nominees:

Home 21/12/2016

Selvita: developing and investing

Selvita SA, a biotech company from the Jagiellonian Centre of Innovation, decided to build its HQ in the Kraków special economic zone. On the power of two permits issued by the Board of the Kraków Technology Park (KTP), the company will invest over PLN 30 million and open at least 124 jobs. Its new laboratories will develop by the Jagiellonian University Campus in Pychowice.

“We’re enthusiastic about the dynamic development of Selvita. Active in investigation and development of oncological medications, the company has taken nine years to move from a typical start-up to a fully-fledged listed company. Not a unique case in our zone. Our fingers are crossed for Selvita, especially with respect to the area of expertise and their business model being clearly based on export rather than import of know-how and intellectual property”, Wojciech Przybylski, the CEO of the KTP explained issuing the permit.

Selvita SA, the largest innovative biotech company in Central and Eastern Europe was set up in 2007 and is dominant in a capital group of six companies. Since 2014 it’s had the status of an R&D centre. and in 2015 its branches opened in the world’s leading biotech hubs: Boston and San Francisco (US), and Cambridge (UK). Currently Selvita Group employs over 360 people, of whom a third hold doctorates, and is listed at Warsaw stock exchange.

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