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Technology Park

technology incubator, office space, services for firms, seed fund


Polish ActInSpace finals at the KTPThe winner of the Polish edition of ActInSpace (AIS) is Blue Divine 1 from Łódź, who designed an app to let lorry drivers enjoy what is known as eco-driving....

Special Economic Zone

exemption from corporate or personal tax (CIT/PIT), land for investment, comprehensive services for investors

Kraków Technology Park

a business support institution that has successfully

supported the economic development of Małopolska for years.


The beginning was a very difficult time. In 1997, a company was incorporated to manage the special economic zone in Kraków. It had no assets, capital or land for investment. Today we are a highly specialised institution operating in business environment, making a powerful impact on the economic development of Małopolska. We know how to support development of entrepreneurship, and skilfully build alliances and platforms for cooperation. We define trends in devising development strategies. We actively participate in business promotion of the region, and create efficient tools for supporting entrepreneurship.

We have come a long way. Yet the initial hurdles taught us creative approaches to reality. Instead of letting problems overcome us, we have become efficient in solving them. Thanks to such an approach we understand people in business perfectly well, and they appreciate us for professionalism and efficiency.

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Home 27/05/2016

Polish ActInSpace finals at the KTP

The winner of the Polish edition of ActInSpace (AIS) is Blue Divine 1 from Łódź, who designed an app to let lorry drivers enjoy what is known as eco-driving. Congratulations!

Today, Kraków became the stage for fierce competition for the title of the best Polish concept to find everyday uses for space developed technologies. Our interstellar teams competed in the ActInSpace contest. Although it may sound farfetched (from space?), it is not. After all, the water filters we use in the kitchen were originally made to cater for the needs of space stations and were not brought down to the Earth until many years later. With this in mind, we can easily realise that such ideas can have magnificent business future. This year, the concepts were assessed by a number of experts, including Marek Moszyński, Vice President of the Polish Space Agency and Bartosz Sokoliński, the Director of the New Technologies Division in the Industry Development Agency (ARP).


Success of Digital Dragons 2016!

The jubilee 5th round of the Digital Dragons attracted over 1300 participants from 30 countries to Kraków. For two days, the capital of Małopolska became the centre of the video games world and the electronic entertainment sector. The Digital Dragons Awards were presented for the best games of 2015 during the event, which has earned itself a permanent place in the agendas of leading game developers and producers. For the first time, the main partner of the conference was Małopolska Region.

During two days, Kraków’s Old Tram Depot and the Museum of Municipal Engineering, provided the stage for 71 lectures and presentations by world-class specialists in various fields connected to the production, development, and marketing of videogames. The lectures by the brightest stars of the event – John Romero, Chris Avellone, Feargus Urquhart, and David Brevik – enjoyed great popularity, yet crowds arrived in the lecture halls also during the addresses by Polish developers, which corroborates the power and popularity of Polish games sector growing from year to year. Altogether, in the two days of the Digital Dragons, the participants listened to nearly 3200 minutes of talks and lectures.

Home 18/04/2016

Kraków zone expands

The Council of Ministers decided to expand the Kraków special economic zone. Its area grew by 159ha, of which 99.9ha are public grounds, and 59.6ha – private land over which the status of the zone was extended for carrying out new investments. Once the decision comes into force, the total area of the Kraków Technology Park (KTP) will increase from 707ha to approximately 866.8ha.

The change implies setting up entirely new subzones in locations ranging from Nowy Targ, Zakliczyn, and Jędrzejów to Klucze and Tuchów. New investments will be carried out in the Kraków zone, including those by Kolejowe Zakłady Nawierzchniowe “Bieżanów” sp. z o.o. (Kraków), Velvet Care sp. z o.o. (Klucze), and Lajkonik Snacks sp. z o.o. (Skawina). The total investment of the companies for whom the zone was created will exceed PLN 195 million, moreover, the declarations include opening 185 new jobs and retention of 1065.

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