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Studies in the Video Games Sector

A report prepared for the Capital City of Warsaw, containing a full picture of Warsaw’s game development companies and analysing the attractiveness of Warsaw as a place to do business in the game development area.

Polish Gamers Research’18

The following round of the report on the Polish gamers to be drafted has been coordinated by the KPT. Members of the team specialising in the games sector cooperate actively on the development of an extensive report. For the first time the study has touched upon the subject of children and video games; this time these were the parents of gamer children who became our respondents.


The State of Polish Video Games Sector 2017

The report, entitled Kondycja polskiej branży gier  was written with the support of GRY-OnLine SA and Onet SA to provide a complex image of the games market in Poland. It provides fresh insight into the distinctive features of the Polish games video games sector seen against the background of global trends. This is possible among others thanks to the description of a Polish gamer profile, and presentation of the value of the entire video games sector and its key components that contribute to the development of this value. The study was conducted with the cooperation of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, Ministry of Development, Creative Europe Desk Polska, the Polish Agency for the Development of Industry, the Polskie Gry Association, and the Indie Game Poland Foundation. The methodology of the study was in the hands of Seweryn Rudnicki, scientist and researcher.

The State of Polish Video Games Sector 2015

Faced with the dynamic and development of the games sector, the KPT decided to continue the research project centred on the gamers and their behaviours launched a year earlier, and conduct studies also in 2015, expanding them by researching the specific features of the video games sector. The studies were conducted to the commission of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, Adam Mickiewicz Institute (Creative Europe Programme) and the Office of the Marshal of Małopolska Region. The the report under the Polish title Kondycja Polskiej Branży Gier Wideo was also held in the headquarters of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage in Warsaw.


Polish Gamers Research 2014

In 2014 the Kraków Technology Park (KPT) with its partners, Gry-Online and Onet, conducted the first analysis of the Polish games market to reach such a great scale. It provided an insight into the current trends in the needs of the games world, and the results were presented during the Digital Dragons 2014.


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