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Established in 1989 Thermoplast specializes in the design and construction of extrusion tools as well as the extrusion of profiles for each investor’s specific needs. Company operates to the highest standard in its management and production. Thermoplast has experience in tooling design and plastic profiles extrusion, runs own laboratory and mixing department as well as hires a team of high-class specialists.


Thermomplast is interested in growth in a broad sense. The company has an efficient, cooperative, forward-looking team of specialists. Thermoplast has implemented and is implementing many new ideas in the fields of technology, materials, machinery, production management, data analysis etc. The company is aware that many challenges still lie ahead – and is therefore looking for partners with whom to implement new ideas and meet challenges. The entire Thermoplast team is oriented towards teamwork and mutual assistance, based on the assumption that “two heads are better than one”.

Technological challenges

The 3D Guard fencing system packing
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The system consists of several plastic extruded profiles: main profile, half profile, pressure profile, mounting profile, top profile. The additional profiles are extruded and deposited on collecting pallets. During production of the main profile, of which there are the largest number, all the profiles are completed into the carton. This is currently done manually, but we want to automate the whole process.

The curtain rod foiling
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At present, the curtain rod is extruded in the extrusion department, wrapped in 10 pieces in foil and taken to the warehouse. In the next stage, it is retrieved from the warehouse and delivered to the confectioning department, where it is unpacked and ‘passed’ through a shrink-wrap machine. It is then packed again in a film of 10 pieces. We would like to shrink-wrap or otherwise wrap individual pieces immediately after production.

Roll the tapes sequentially
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The extrusion-produced fencing tapes are cut to lengths of approximately 2,500 mm ( depending on the customer’s order) and then manually wrapped in film in 10 pieces. The task is to automate the process of receiving and packing the tape profiles so that they wind up on the spool one after the other in 10 pieces.

Products packaging
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Automating the packaging of all our products.

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Packaging of 10 strips of tape in film.

Laser marking
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At present, we use pigment printers for marking profiles with EAN codes, the so-called spit printers, which work on the principle of ejecting ink droplets under pressure in the appropriate configuration. We print EAN codes, manufacturer information, dates, etc. We are looking to replace the current printers with laser printers.

Visualisation with LED lights
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At the moment, all the shelving fields are marked by painting lines on the floor of the extrusion hall. It is known that with a variable production mix, the size of the fields, their distribution, their mutual correlation are variable, while the painted lines are not. Therefore, we are looking into the possibility of visualising the lines by means of led lighting or in some other way, which would allow us to change the configuration of the fields depending on the profile being produced.


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