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Selena is a global manufacturer and distributor of construction chemicals and one of the four largest manufacturers of construction foams in the world. The Group’s product range includes foams, sealants, adhesives, waterproofing products, insulation systems, fixings and complementary products. The Group comprises 32 companies in 19 countries, including a distribution company in Poland – Selena S.A. Selena’s manufacturing plants are located in Poland, Brazil, South Korea, China, Romania, Turkey, Spain and Kazakhstan. The international experience gained in many different markets allows Selena Group to grow rapidly – it is an innovative company creating new solutions to meet the growing needs of users.


In the process of creating new solutions, three aspects are important to Selena Group: safety – of the people who will live or work in the buildings in question, the environment – in terms of direct contact between employees and residents, but also more broadly in terms of the environmental impact – e.g. of the materials or construction process, and construction efficiency – understood as the speed of the construction process.

Technological challenges


  1. Solutions and technologies that contribute to reducing CO2 / carbon footprint and the environmental impact of the construction materials supplied by Selena Group, construction work using our solutions as well as production processes.
  2. New / innovative / state-of-the-art materials, technologies, solutions, products in the field of construction chemistry, product application, production of products supplied by Selena Group or related products, which Selena Group can implement and scale the market.
  3. Technologies and solutions to reduce the environmental impact on the surroundings at construction sites.
  4. Efficient waste management and the closed loop economy – technologies and solutions for the treatment/recycling of construction waste contributing to increased savings from recyclability – also within production processes.
  5. Technologies with the application of digitalization of construction sites (including BIM applications), in construction chemistry application sites including the application of IoT, AI, VR, products and solutions supporting both in-house production and all construction market participants.
  6. Technologies for continuous monitoring of energy consumption parameters, temperature reduction, performance indirection of our products and solutions, building damage monitoring. Support by means of metering, monitoring, indication in the field of processes, applications and production of building chemistry and derived products/solutions, monitoring of energy consumption parameters / insulation / bonding strength / sealing degree.
  7. Energy efficiency – solutions to improve energy efficiency (reduction of electricity consumption, heat consumption, increased acoustic/insulation efficiency of buildings, as well as solutions and products to achieve high energy/heat efficiency in the building sector.
  8. Safety-enhancing solutions for the construction/application/renovation site, concerning both the use and post-application damage to health (reduction and elimination, measurement of harmful factors ).
  9. Solutions to support sustainable development including renewable energy sources with a particular focus on new solutions within photovoltaics.
  10. Solutions to support the adopted and communicated ESG strategy.
  11. Automation and robotisation of production lines (production of construction chemicals).


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