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NOVITUS is a leader in the production of cash registers and fiscal printers on the Polish market, and at the same time a brand of integrated solutions supporting the trade, services, logistics and industry sectors, successful in foreign markets on almost all continents. NOVITUS is owned by COMP SA, a technology company specialising in IT security solutions, network security and solutions for the trade and services market. With several dozen years of experience, COMP SA is currently one of the largest integrators of IT solutions on the Polish market, successfully combining its own products with solutions offered by other hardware and software manufacturers. Over a million fiscal devices sold in Poland already have the NOVITUS logo. NOVITUS devices and integrated system solutions are used in thousands of retail and service outlets, retail chains and wholesalers, logistic centres, pharmacy chains and petrol stations, hotels and restaurants. NOVITUS products and services are dedicated for both large corporate and chain customers, as well as smaller companies and independent entrepreneurs. Our offer also includes advanced technical and service support through a developed network of over 1,000 authorised sales and service partners.

Technology challenges
NoOp platforms
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tools supporting software production processes, in particular in the area of DevOps. We want to improve the process of automation of software version management and rapid implementation in cloud infrastructures. We are looking for solutions that will help us automate and accelerate the implementation of software changes.


Product recognition platform based on image analysis
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We are looking for a solution that will enable the identification of products purchased by customers, which are placed in the basket from the shelves in self-service stores or scanned at the self-service checkout.



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