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Thanks to the KPT ScaleUP industrial accelerator and the KPT Poland Prize project, 9 foreign startups are beginning their activities on the domestic market. Each of them brings an innovative solution to the Polish Industry 4.0, which is currently being tested by accelerator partners. Let’s get to know these foreign companies and their founders.


One of the goals of the foreign acceleration that KPT ScaleUP, an accelerator operating within the Krakow Technology Park, has been running since last spring is to break down boundaries. The literal ones, as well as the figurative ones. In the first case, it’s about the basic mechanism of the support program, i.e. finding the most interesting technological startups and then inviting them to start their business right here in Poland. The second case is the limits on the ignorance of new solutions or improvements that are available in the world, but have not yet reached Poland.


The KPT ScaleUP team meticulously combed the technological ecosystems of 38 countries on 4 continents from spring to autumn 2022. The search criterion was the technological challenges submitted by Polish companies that decided to become industrial partners of the accelerator.


Currently, each of the selected startups is working with one partner. Together they tailor the startup’s technological solution to the needs of an industrial corporation. At the same time, startups are slowly becoming part of the Polish ecosystem. It’s worth taking a closer look at them to know what they have to offer, what areas they specialize in and what topics you can collaborate with them on.


Meet nine startups and their founders.


#energymanagement #energymonitoring #energyefficiency #energycosts #sustainability


Startup provides comprehensive and cost-effective Energy Management System as a Service (SaaS) that helps Industrial companies save up to 30% from their energy costs. AdvanGrid offers plug-and-play easy to install sensors that measure energy consumption on a machine level, ensures data transmission, storage and analysis via energy management software platform to finally come up with a specific action plan that helps in eliminating energy waste, boosting efficiency and cutting costs.


#InternetOfThings #Digitalization #ManufacturingOperations


Startup develops software and hardware industrial Internet of Things products using cutting edge technology to solve common problems in manufacturing operations and logistics. With InovecTech solution, it is possible to digitise manufacturing operations quickly and easily.


#ecommerce #framework


Mellivora is a startup that has developed an innovative headless e-commerce platform to quickly start selling online. Their platform is designed to integrate with existing sales systems, allowing companies to easily implement online sales without the need for complex IT projects.

Mellivory’s headless e-commerce platform offers a flexible and scalable solution for companies looking to expand their business into the online channel. It allows companies to quickly bring their products or services to online sales, taking advantage of the advanced features and tools offered by the platform.

PSCoat Poland

#ThermoInsulation #EnergySavings #LowCarbonTrace


PSCoat is a unique thermo-insulating material utilizing nanotechnology based on microspheres with extraordinary insulating and protective properties. With PSC, companies can achieve significant energy savings. Thanks to the thin application layer, the space can be saved and service life is prolonged. PSCoat is also a green product as it leaves a low carbon trace and is safe in use.


#retailtech #computervision #Iot #ML #AI


By using continuous shelf monitoring, startup’s solution will help companies to sell more their products in stores. Such continuous monitoring shall substantially decrease products out of stock duration. Recoshelf solution is designed to detect missing in-store products in real time and notify for immediate restocking.


#OutdoorLocalization #RealTimeLocatingSystem #Logistics


Startup has developed SINTRA – an affordable indoor and outdoor localization solution based on proven technology while being fast and easy to deploy. It can be implemented without investment nor IT project. SINTRA helps to localize production goods or company assets – without search effort, at any time, minutes to date and in any room. SINTRA can also be used across companies without integration.


Softli PL

#productioncontrol #productionmonitoring #MES


Startup solution is Manufacturing Execution System. It ensures production control, continuous monitoring of production processes in real time, traceability of production and collection of technological data and its evaluation. This solution helps to increase production efficiency, minimizing losses and scraps and eliminate human errors by continuous controlling all data – tracking batches, lots, equipment or units. This reduces waste, errors and energy consumption and eliminates the need for redundant checks.


#digitalization #digitaltransformation #digitalinnovation


Solvedio is a Digitalization-as-a-Service (DaaS) platform which brings digitalization of any agenda to companies. It is an instantly reachable and extremely flexible human-centred platform. This platform allows organizations to manage their entire daily digital agenda conveniently, intuitively and from one place.

Warden AI

#DeepLearning #Sustainability #MetalProduction


Startup developed a deep-learning software solution that uses video analysis to boost efficiency and sustainability in metal production and mining. It can be used without an integration with any on-site hardware or software. Warden AI solution brings benefits at any stage of metal production, from sintering to cutting. It is also fully customisable: it can be integrated with SCADA or similar tool.

KPT Poland Prize project implemented under Measure 2.5 Acceleration Programs – Poland Prize of the Operational Program Intelligent Development 2014-2020, co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.


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