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Grupa Azoty is one of the leaders in the fertilizer and chemical industry in Europe, operating in the sector of mineral fertilizers, engineering plastics, as well as OXO products and other chemicals. Currently, Grupa Azoty ranks second in the European Union in the production of nitrogenous and compound fertilizers. Grupa Azoty is intensively looking for development opportunities not only on the Polish market but also abroad. A significant step in this direction was the 2018 acquisition of Compo Expert Group, one of the leading players in the global specialty fertilizer market.

Technology Challenges

Digital transformation
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We are looking to digitize assets and processes, and increase automation of manufacturing processes. We are looking for solutions thanks to which we will be able to predict possible failures, conduct maintenance work more efficiently, and use employees’ time more effectively. The effect of implementing the solution should be reduction of costs (repair costs, elimination of failures, saving the employees’ time).

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Among other things, we are looking for innovative solutions to reduce the energy intensity of manufacturing processes, recovery of mineral components for fertilizer production from ash waste and biomass combustion and biomass combustion, innovations for plastics recycling and applications for regranulates and processing of OXO alcohols.

Green Deal
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We are looking for innovative methods to produce “green” hydrogen, ammonia and bioplasticizers. We strive, among other things, to improve energy efficiency (including from conventional energy processes), reduce energy intensity of the processes of producing semi-finished capture and management of CO2 (development of programs for planning, monitoring and auditing of energy activities).

Bionavos and fertilizer additives
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We are looking for solutions to develop fertilizer additives (plant growth stimulators, micro and macro components, increasing the efficiency of fertilization, improving the natural resistance of plants to abiotic stress factors, enabling the fortification of food plants with deficient elements), including those of biological origin.

Innovative plastics
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We are looking for new solutions and applications of biodegradable plastics.


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