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Budimex Group is one of the largest construction groups operating in Poland. It has also been recognised and respected abroad for many years now. It is part of the Spanish Ferrovial Group, one of the largest infrastructure companies in the world. Extensive experience, knowledge, skilled personnel and projects distinguished by the highest quality are the essential strengths of Budimex.


The company is keen to implement innovative technologies aimed at reducing Budimex’s carbon footprint in its construction contracts. Solutions are sought to optimise construction waste management with a focus on cost reduction and reducing negative environmental impact. The result of Budimex’s cooperation with the startup may be the testing and subsequent implementation of innovative solutions on selected sites as part of ongoing contracts. The company is interested in technologies aimed at improving the safety of both employees and subcontractors. Solutions are sought in the area of improving energy efficiency both within the company’s own operations and within the subsequent operation of cubature facilities by Budimex’s clients.

Technological challenges

ESG and sustainability
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Measurement of the carbon footprint produced at the different stages of the value chain of the core business (construction), solutions and technologies contributing to the reduction of BX’s CO2 emissions, in particular at the cement production stage (high consumption of “dirty” energy) and its own energy demand, technologies and solutions affecting the reduction of the environmental impact on the surroundings at construction sites.

Efficient waste management and closed-loop economy
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Technologies and solutions for the disposal/treatment of construction waste contributing to increased savings due to recyclability.

Improving the safety of construction workers
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Technologies to reduce the likelihood of hazardous and potentially hazardous events.

New materials in construction
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Solutions that reduce the need for materials and raw materials subject to significant price fluctuations (steel, cement) while maintaining quality and durability parameters.

Digitisation of construction sites
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SaaS solutions for progress monitoring, stakeholder management – subcontractors, suppliers, investors.

Energy efficiency
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Solutions to improve the energy efficiency of cubic facilities and technologies for continuous monitoring of energy consumption parameters.


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