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For 35 years, ASTOR has been passionate about modernizing the industry by delivering state-of-the-art manufacturing automation technologies, robotic processes, and IT systems for production management and supervision. An important part of the company’s activities is to support the development of the people it works with. ASTOR Academy and ASTOR Consulting share their technical and business knowledge with engineers and managers.

Technology challenges

Industrial Internet of Things and Industry 4.0 in general
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  • interfaces for integrating various IoT devices with the cloud
  • use of Artificial Intelligence in production management processes
  • practical applications of Augmented Reality technology integrated with machines
Smart factories
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  • design and simulation of intralogistics systems
  • systems and tools supporting simulation of production processes in order to optimize them
  • integration of customers’ purchasing systems (websites) with production planning systems
Predictive maintenance
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  • applications of machine learning algorithms for fault diagnosis in discrete processes
Systems of increasing energy efficiency in industry
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  • applications of machine learning algorithms and widely understood AI technology for optimization and management of electricity in industry
Autonomation of production processes
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  • learning production process management systems
  • Products equipped with systems for monitoring their own condition and interaction with the environment
  • cost-effective wireless metering systems for machinery and equipment
Cyber security
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  • systems for detecting anomalies and increasing safety in industry
Real-time analysis of production data
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  • a tool to support/automate the process of building reports/analyses/dashboards from manufacturing processes.


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