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Belonging to the TRATON Group, the MAN Trucks Sp. z o.o. plant in Niepołomice was opened at the end of 2007. To date, trucks for both European and non-European markets have been manufactured there. Almost 200,000 tractor units and chassis have been produced here to date. From 2022 onwards, a complete MAN truck portfolio will be produced in three shifts at the plant, which is valued not only by customers, but also by experts and journalists, winning numerous awards and prizes such as International Truck of the Year 2021. The plant will also house a truck modification centre and a cab equipment hall. Thus, the plant will employ almost 2,500 people and will become one of the largest and most modern truck plants in Europe.

Technology challenges

Technology for the location of trucks and parking spaces.

Once a truck has been manufactured, the vehicle, which is ready or selected for amendments, is deposited in a parking area (mainly at the factory). There are 1,000 to 2,000 trucks waiting to be picked up or corrected. With this size, a parking management system is required to support the finding of a specific truck in the car park as well as an optimal parking space in terms of occupancy and pick-up.


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