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PLN 100/h

Do you want to rent a conference room?

Contact us.


Katarzyna Widłak:

+48 12 345 32 22


Possible Set-Ups/Styles

U-Shaped Style

training: groups of 35 persons per room (A and B)

Workshops Style

workshop: six clusters of 8 persons per room (A and B)

Auditorium Style

conference: 100 persons per room (A and B)

Enterprise conference room 250 m²

  • space for around 200 people with possibility of dividing the hall into two smaller ones (Enterprise A and Enterprise B)
  • video presentation system: 2 projectors with 2 projection screens
  • sound amplification system
  • simultaneous interpretation system with 2 interpreter stations and 50 headsets
  • space for catering
  • possible Setups and Styles:
  • Auditorium Style (up to 200 people altogether) in rooms A and B
  • U-Shaped Style (up to 35 people per room) in rooms A and B
  • Classroom Style (up to 50 people per room) in rooms A and B
  • Banquet (Cluster) Style for group work (6 hubs of 8 people each in either room).


Price: PLN 100 per hour or PLN 800 a day, net of tax.


phone 12 640 19 40

fax 12 640 19 45

Krakowski Park Technologiczny sp. z o.o.

ul. Podole 60

30-394 Kraków

NIP 675-11-57-834

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