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Green transformation. From vision to action

The circular economy and energy, including hydrogen energy, are increasingly popular topics, discussed in various cases and contexts.

👉 How to find yourself, your business, your municipality, or your region in this information tangle?

👉 Where to look for reliable knowledge and good practices in the field of green transformation?

👉 How to adjust your actions to the changing reality?

👉 What specific actions support the transformation of the manufacturing industry towards more intelligent and sustainable development?


We will answer these questions during the “Green transformation – from vision to action” conference.

Date: April 27, 2023

Venue: Krakow Technology Park, Podole 60 St., Krakow


Please register by April 24, 2023

We will share knowledge and good practices from both, domestic and international sources, inspire and encourage reflection and the undertaking of specific actions, because we move from vision to action.


The event will be divided into two thematic sessions:

  1. Circular economy | Design and advanced technologies for industry
  2. Hydrogen – fuel of the future
What is the program of the conference?
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Who is the conference addressed to?
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Our conference is aimed at representatives of public administration, research institutes, universities, as well as entrepreneurs interested in developing the concept of a circular economy, open to cooperation with regional digital innovation hubs. In the hydrogen panel, which is part of the Science Meets Regions project, representatives of the administration will have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the current state of research on hydrogen in our region and learn about potential paths for its use. During the networking session, meetings with scientists will take place, during which both sides will share knowledge and ideas regarding cooperation for the construction of the MaƂopolska hydrogen ecosystem.

Why are we talking about the circular economy?
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The term “circular economy” is increasingly used in economic theory and practice, and is definitely not just a passing trend. It is the result of previous efforts towards industrial ecology. It is also the basis for various studies and further initiatives in the field of creating industrial ecosystems, circular design, and clean industry.


The economy must be responsible, and for this to happen, responsibility must be shared by the entities that create it. These are not only the governments of countries and regions, but also businesses, as well as consumers themselves. Nowadays, we do not question whether circular economy should be included in a company’s business model, in a region’s activities, or in our own homes, but rather how to do it most cost-effectively. We live in times of major disruptions, especially regarding disrupted supply chains and energy demand, which is why a strong grounding of a company’s and a region’s strategies in long-term value building is starting to become increasingly important.


If you:

  • are interested in the plan of action for green transformation outlined by the EU,
  • want to be inspired by practical examples of actions taken by European companies towards becoming greener,
  • want to find out what kind of support you can count on in this area,


we invite you to participate in session 1 on Monday, titled
“Circular design for industry and technologies to advanced circular production “.

Why are we talking about hydrogen?
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Hydrogen may prove to be one of the alternatives to traditional fossil fuels. Alternatives that we must seek in the face of the challenges of our socio-economic reality. There are already many interesting initiatives and projects related to this fuel. However, its current use often has a point-like character.


There is a strong belief in MaƂopolska regarding the outstanding position of hydrogen in the context of opportunities to provide a more stable, secure, cheaper, and environmentally friendly source of energy for the residents of the voivodeship. The region aspires to be a national leader in the development of hydrogen technologies, as demonstrated by numerous actions taken in the creation of the MaƂopolska hydrogen ecosystem (including leading the pilot project “Hydrogen” as part of the Awangarda Initiative, establishing the MaƂopolska Center for Innovative Hydrogen Storage Technologies, and participating in the Silesian-MaƂopolska Hydrogen Valley). Hydrogen is also one of the foundations of the green transformation, and its dissemination and promotion will help to achieve the goals underlying projects such as the European Green Deal or the Fit for 55 package.


  • Is its wide scalability possible?
  • Which sectors are the most obvious for its implementation?


We will discuss these and other issues during Session 2 of the “Green Transformation – from Vision to Action” conference.

Study visits
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As part of the conference, study visits to companies and institutes utilizing hydrogen fuel were also organized.The first of the two planned study visits was conducted as part of the collaboration established with the Joint Research Centre based in Brussels and the Marshal’s Office of the MaƂopolska Region under the theme “Science Meets Regions 2023: Green Transformation – From Vision to Action.”


We visited two companies utilizing hydrogen fuel in various forms:


  • During the visit to Ɓukasiewicz (Institute of Ceramics and Building Materials) in Krakow, participants had the opportunity to explore laboratories, research centers, and familiarize themselves with practical tests on a variety of construction materials, ranging from cement to different types of foams.
  • Our next stop was the Municipal Transport Company S.A. in Krakow. After an extensive presentation outlining the history of bus transportation in Krakow, we learned about hydrogen-powered bus technology and the future plans associated with such vehicles. We also had the chance to see and ride a hydrogen-powered bus and closely observe a mobile hydrogen refueling station.

The second visit took place at the headquarters of Ekospalarnia and Orlen PoƂudnie S.A. in Trzebinia.


  • Ekospalarnia is a highly interesting place from a technological perspective, where waste from the Krakow area is incinerated, thus ensuring the city’s sustainable waste management. There are plans to expand hydrogen production that could be utilized within the city as well.
  • In Trzebinia, we visited Orlen PoƂudnie, a leader in hydrogen fuel production. Their mobile station fuels hydrogen buses in Krakow.

Through these activities, we introduced the participants to a wide range of applications and possibilities of hydrogen fuel.

Detailed information regarding individual parts of the event

Circular Economy: Design and Advanced Technologies for Industry

Hydrogen – the fuel of the future?



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