Małopolska - the main partner of Digital Dragons 2018

Małopolska is a strong economic hub and a perfect place for developing your business. here are a handful of strong suits that made the European Committee of the Regions grant the Małopolska Region the title of the European Entrepreneurial Region 2016:

  • Małopolska is one of the 28 most quickly developing EU regions according to Eurostat data, and was ranked No. 20 among European regions whose economy developed fastest in 2017 by an American think tank Milken Institute
  • the GDP of Małopolska has recently grown by over 30% and accounts for 7.8% of the total GDP of Poland
  • more than 34,000 new businesses were registered in Małopolska in 2017 only, letting their total number exceed 380,000
  • the 29 Małopolska institutions of higher education provide education for nearly 170,000 students; 5% of this number are future IT specialists, which is why new technology giants, to mention Ericplo, Comarch, ABB, and Onet Group run their business in Małopolska
  • with R&D outlay verging on PLN 2.5 billion, Małopolska businesses are among the most innovative in Poland; the region ranks as second most innovative in the country
  • Kraków and Małopolska are in the global spearhead of regions considered the most attractive for investors; this is attested by Kraków ranking No. 2 in Top 10 fDi’s Large European Cities of the Future 2018/19 – Business Friendliness, and Małopolska slated at No. 6 in European Cities and Regions of the Future 2018/19
  • 31% of the new and more than 21% of all Polish game dev studios operate in Kraków, as reported by KPT sp. z o.o.’s report entitled “Kondycja polskiej branży gier ‘17” / ”The Condition of the Polish Games Sector ’17”
  • the start-up community is developing very dynamically; around 800 events around IT and start-up themes were organised in Małopolska in 2017
  • Małopolska Region, being the managing authority for the Regional Operational Programme earmarked nearly € 870 million to development of entrepreneurship from the EU funds available in 2014–20; the funds are available to entrepreneurs and business sectors support institutions.



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