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2015 in KPT 30/12/2015

2015 in KPT

The Kraków Technology Park (KTP) closes 2015 in its new headquarters, the Małopolska Information Technology Park (MITP), a new building recently opened in the south of Kraków. Completion of this development is one of the largest achievements in the history of the company. The MITP is earmarked primarily for businesses operating in the ICT sector. It includes an incubator, office space to rent, MultiLab for film postproduction, a modern showroom, furnished conference halls, and also attractively arranged shared space. Businesses appreciate the new offer extended by the KTP: 25 companies have already made the MITP their home, and more than 200 people will have moved to the building by the end of the year.


Another special event of 2015 was the preparation and the issuing of the SMART_KOM Strategy which provided the roadmap for smart solutions in the Kraków Metropolitan Area (KOM). It defines the courses of development for the so-called adaptive city, i.e. one that is open to various models of reacting to changes and a new approach to solving problems and providing public services. The strategy was developed in a project conducted with a range of partners: Małopolska Region, Municipality of Kraków, Forum Virium from Helsinki, and the Vienna University of Technology.

The Digital Dragons conference, organised already for the fifth time, was both a business and attendance success as it gathered more than 1000 participants from the gamedev sector. The report on the Condition of the Polish Video Games Sector was not only an initiative of the Kraków Technology Park, but it was also drafted under KTP’s guidance.

In this year, the KTP issued 18 permits for the special economic zone, and the aggregated investment outlay declared to operate within the zone exceeded PLN 285 million. The new investment will furthermore result in the opening of 379 jobs. Prevailing among this year’s recipient of permits are Polish companies, but there are also investors from Ukraine and Germany. Moreover, successive permits to operate in the Kraków special economic zone were granted to Nidec Motors & Actuators (Poland) sp. z o.o., Elettrostandard Polska sp. z o.o., MAN Trucks sp. z o.o., and Fabryka Okien Dako sp. z o.o., which proves that investors feel well in our zone. Unfortunately, we are still waiting for the expansion of the borders of the Kraków special economic zone, which will certainly increase the number of issued permits: plenty of entrepreneurs are waiting impatiently for the completion of formalities.



Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas and Happy Peaceful New Year! We look forward to our continued successfull collaboration. Krakow Technology Park team.

Merry Christmas!
Permit for Graficon 21/12/2015

Permit for Graficon

The Kraków Technology Park (KTP) issued this year’s last permit to Graficon. The company will make an investment of PLN 6 million in Niepołomice subzone, and open five new jobs. The company has long-term experience in running mailing campaigns and printing. The new development will include an office building and production space. Graficon will provide letter shopping services based on proprietary IT solutions. The company aims at developing a modular technological line to cover the complete technological process as specified in the client’s order.


The Niepołomice subzone is the largest of the Kraków special economic zone subzones. MAN Trucks sp. z oo, which provided an impulse to the development of the entire area, has operated here for more than eight years. This location was also chosen for the investments of Nidec Motors & Actuators from Japan, Woodward from the US, and the French electronic tycoon Somfy.



KTP moving home

We are pleased to announce that the Kraków Technology Park (KTP) is setting up new headquarters. We have built Małopolska’s most modern IT Park, and we are moving our offices there.

On 17 December, all our staff will already be working in the offices situated in the new KTP building at ul. Podole 60. The location is already teeming with life, as nearly 25 companies have opened their offices at the address, and by the end of the year a total force of 200 employees will regularly work here.

There is more than just the offices to the new space, as we also offer access to multimedia laboratories, showroom, and datacentre, i.e. all you need for state-of-the-art presentation of your company and for a creative and wholesome environment for your business.

KTP moving home

The KTP has its headquarters among a range of companies including Ericpol and Motorola, in the vicinity of the Jagiellonian University Campus and the SOLARIS Synchrotron radiation centre. The construction of new office space continues as the district of Ruczaj has already assumed the role of Kraków’s new business centre.

It makes sense to be here with us – you too are invited to join us!


4th Małopolska Investor Service Forum 16/12/2015

4th Małopolska Investor Service Forum

The high ranking of Małopolska among regions in attractiveness leagues results among others from the exemplary cooperation of local and regional authorities, PAIiIZ, business support institutions, and entrepreneurs, frequently inspired by the Kraków Technology Park (KTP). The Małopolska Investor Service Forum is a perfect example of such cooperation: the meetings organised regularly by the KTP integrate the stakeholders at the same time facilitating the provision of services to investors.


The 4th Małopolska Investor Service Foreign took place in the showroom of the KTP’s new building. Model portals promoting the services extended by communes were presented by Mirosław Odziemczyk, PAIiIZ plenipotentiary of the board for cooperation with special economic zones, and the projects that the Business in Małopolska Centre (CeBiM) has in the pipeline were presented by the centre’s director Beata Górska-Nieć. On behalf of the board, the guests were welcomed by its member Halina Kurtyka, and the meeting was chaired by promotion and marketing director Krystyna Sadowska.



KTP: Patron of Kraków Culture 2014

On 30 November, the Kraków Technology Park (KTP) was awarded the title of the Patron of Kraków Culture 2014. President of the KTP, Wiesława Kornaś-Kita collected the bronze statuette in the Sponsor category from the Mayor of Kraków, Professor Jacek Majchrowski. We share the distinction with the Katowice special economic zone.

This year, 22 applications for awarding of the Patron of Kraków Culture 2014 were submitted; of that number 12 in the category Donor, nine in the category Sponsor, and one in the category Media Patron. The title was first awarded in 1996, and next year the ceremony will be held for the 20th time.

KTP: Patron of Kraków Culture 2014

The Patron of Kraków Culture competition is addressed to all entities supporting culture, with the exclusion of the institutions whose statuary goals involve support of culture. Both natural and legal persons from Poland as well as from abroad can compete for the title. Every year any number of titles from one to 12 are awarded. This year there were seven. The decision about the total number of the titles and of the titles awarded in each category is made by the Fraternity of Culture Patronage. In each category, the Fraternity, chaired by the President of the Kraków City Council, awards three types of statues: gold, silver, and bronze. The awardees receive honorary diplomas signed by the Mayor of Kraków and retain the right to use the distinctive mark of the Patron of Kraków Culture – Mecenas Kultury Krakowa.


A SMART_KOM Strategy 27/11/2015

A SMART_KOM Strategy

Together with the partners, the Kraków Technology Park (KTP) has designed SMART_KOM Strategy as a roadmap for smart solutions in the Kraków Metropolitan Area (KOM). During the press conference at the Kraków Municipal Office, the implementation of SMART_KOM project and work on the strategy were discussed by Elżbieta Koterba, Deputy Mayor of Kraków for Development, and Witold Kochan, Vice President of the Kraków Technology Park. The journalists were highly interested primarily in the projects described in the strategy, as well as in the manner and cost of their implementation.

Witold Kochan emphasised that the presented document contains primarily guidelines for courses of actions to be undertaken in and by the smart city. He underlined that the KTP has worked on the subject for five years already, and the strategy itself took two years to develop. The mayor emphasised perfect cooperation with the Kraków Technology Park and expressed satisfaction from project results.


We hope that the SMART_KOM Strategy, that is the actual roadmap for smart solutions in the Kraków Metropolitan Area, will prove a true impulse and at the same time a tool for implementation of such projects and thinking about smart development of the city’, representatives of the project team assure. ‘The document was developed with the real needs of the residents of the Kraków Metropolitan Area in mind, and in full dialogue and consultation with them. It is not just a collection of recommendations and solutions that ought to be implemented. Nor is it a typical strategy that focuses on high-level description of general or sectoral strategic goals. What it is is a true ‘roadmap’ defining the courses of development of the so-called adaptive city, i.e. one that is open to various models of reacting to changes and new approach to problem solution and provision of public services. The overarching goal of our work was to ensure the highest quality of life for the residents at the lowest cost, with simultaneous assurance of sustainable growth for the metropolis. We believe that readers of the Strategy will find that motto on every page of the presented document.

The project team put up by its leader, the KTP, consisted of Agnieszka Włodarczyk, Agata Grochal-Kolarska, and Wojciech Przybylski, with the support of Urszula Madej and Małgorzata Regulska-Hymczak.



EU Web Challengeów Technology Park is the Hosting Partner of EU Web Challenge – the largest web development championship in Europe.

The Challenge helps best professionals and advanced IT companies find each other.

Hundreds of IT specialist will compete from to 8 November.

EU Web Challenge

The elite will gather at the Kraków Technology Park on 7-8 November to prove they are really the best.

All participants will have a great opportunity:

  • to test themselves
  • to make new exciting connections
  • to solve challenging tasks
  • to gather positive emotions

This weekend in Krakow Technology Park, ul. Podole 60!


Annual Business in Małopolska Meeting 2015 30/10/2015

Annual Business in Małopolska Meeting 2015

Małopolska – European Entrepreneurial Region is the leading theme of this year’s conference from the Annual Business in Małopolska Meeting cycle. Held this year for the seventh time, the conference took place on 22 October in a very special place, the new building of the Kraków Technology Park (KTP), captivating with its extraordinary architecture. The special guest of the conference was Bronisław Komorowski, President of the Republic of Poland from 2010 to 2015.

Arriving guests were welcomed by Kraków Street Band: a group of young people whose energetic music cheers up the streets of Kraków. The conference was inaugurated with addresses by representatives of boards of partner institutions: Małopolska Region, Małopolska Regional Development Agency, Małopolska Industrial Parks, and – as could be expected – of the Kraków Technology Park. Moreover, the guests were welcomed by Jerzy Miller, the Lieutenant (Voivode) of Małopolska Region. The presentation of the Honorary Pins of the Małopolska Region to the region’s most distinguished entrepreneurs became a very emotional point in the agenda. Marek Sowa, Marshal of Małopolska Region, presented the Małopolska Cross to Tomasz Ćwikowski, Tadeusz Dziędziel, Stanisław Gągała, Stanisław Łukasik, Edward Kuchta, Adam Klęczar, Jerzy Mazgaj, Kazimierz Pazgan, and Wiesław Wojas.


The subject of the conversation between Bronisław Komorowski and Adam Szostkiewicz, a journalist of Polityka weekly was Europe of the regions or Europe of homelands – how the contemporary Poland and world are changing.

The President emphasised that he would not make a distinction between the Europe of the regions and the Europe of homelands. The voice of the local community and small homelands – local communities – gains importance. Moreover, he appealed to keep up the competitive edge and follow the path of innovation. It would have been impossible for the discussion to fail to address the most current subjects: questions related with the presence of Polish businesses in global markets.

Another performance by the Kraków Street Band, this time on the stage, provided an interlude between the conversation with the President and the Awards Gala.

The Małopolska Business Award Presentation Gala began with a brief description of this year’s nominations by Professor Antoni Tajduś, a representative of Małopolska Business Council. The statues were presented by the President of the Republic of Poland Bronisław Komorowski and the Marshal of the Małopolska Region Marek Sowa. The winners were announced by representatives of the boards of Business in Małopolska Centre partners. This year’s winners of the Małopolska Business Awards are: ELEKTRICAL Zakład Elektroinstalacyjny Usługi Budowlane Wilhelm Mrożek in the Small Enterprise category, Laboratorium Kosmetyków Naturalnych FARMONA sp. z o.o. in the Medium-Size Enterprise category, and NEWAG SA in the Large Enterprise category.

Bronisław Komorowski was presented with the Special Award.

The event ended in a concert by Stanisław Soyka and Wojciech Karolak Trio. The jazz they played resounded perfectly in the atmospheric interior of the new building. The Annual Business in Małopolska Meeting was the first event organised at the Małopolska Information Technology Park (MITP).

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Permit for MAN Trucks sp. z o.o.

The Kraków Technology Park (KTP) has issued another permit for operation in the special economic zone. It was awarded to MAN Trucks sp. z o.o, a company that has operated in Niepołomice subzone for over eight years. MAN’s investment helped to set up the Niepołomice Investment Zone that today gathers 60 businesses. The Kraków Technology Park has issued permits for 21 projects conducted within the area. To let the German company develop here, the Małopolska Region and the KTP incorporated a company under the name of Małopolskie Parki Przemysłowe (Małopolska Industrial Parks), which began the buyout and clearing of legal issues for over 200 estates that used to be in private hands. The MAN investment started the snowball effect. Today, the investment, whose part enjoys the status of a special economic zone, is one of the region’s largest industrial parks. The investment area exceeds 500ha, of which 207ha within the special economic zone. The success of this location was also possible thanks to the creative contributions and involvement of the KTP team from its very first days.

Permit for MAN Trucks sp. z o.o.

This is the second permit for MAN Trucks sp. z o.o. The company declared an investment outlay exceeding €6.2 million and maintenance of current employment of 444 at least until 30 June 2019. Furthermore, it also intends to open at least 10 new jobs.



NonStop FUTURE. Kraków Technology Park: 20 years
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