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New start-up accelerator in Kraków 22/11/2016

New start-up accelerator in Kraków

The Polish Agency for Enterprise Development (PARP) announced establishment of 10 start-up accelerators in Poland yesterday. One of them will be set up in Kraków and will be managed by the Kraków Technology Park (KTP) in cooperation with Kraków Airport and EC Grupa.

Accelerator, that is a programme of support for young technology businesses, will be launched early in 2017. Companies admitted to the accelerator will be covered by a 3-month support programme that envisages work with experienced mentors, experts in the sector, and business coaches. The accelerator aims at speeding up the development of young technology businesses and working out a new, dynamic path for their development. A significant part of the programme is the presentation of non-refundable grants of maximum PLN 200,000 to selected companies. The grant will let young businesses purchase the necessary services and develop their products.

The Kraków accelerator will support businesses dealing with innovative solutions for industry to streamline processes in production, logistics, warehousing, resource management, and quality control. Any young technological company working on the application of new solutions aiming at increasing efficiency in industry may participate in the ScaleUp programme of the Kraków Technology Park, and the programme welcomes businesses from all over Poland. Yet, as Wojciech Przybylski, CEO of the Kraków Technology Park, said “we are keen to have not only start-ups among the beneficiaries of the programme, but also industrial companies that will use the innovative solutions that they are going to develop in the accelerator. We intend to devote plenty of attention to the construction of cooperation platforms between these two environments.”


The success of the accelerator is guaranteed by the participation of mature and experienced businesses from Małopolska in the programme. EC Grupa is one of the most dynamically developing engineering companies in Poland, focused in development in multiple fields. It is active in research and development, and provision of solutions for various sectors of industry. Running highly innovative projects, the company will certainly set the hurdle for project participants very high, but it will also share its priceless experience with them. A highly valuable strategic partner is the Kraków Airport. An airport is the highly complex organism, where you can test and implement innovative ideas ranging from sensors, via monitoring and client care support technologies, to advanced systems supporting business processes. It is a small town visited every day by hundreds of staff from different companies and thousands of clients, i.e. passengers. The field for innovative implementations is extensive indeed.

“We hope that the infrastructural facilities of the KTP and the experience of Kraków Airport will result in future innovative solutions that also passengers will be able to use. Competing for airlines and passengers, airports focus on continuous quality improvement of the services they provide. Kraków Airport is an unquestioned leader among Polish regional airports. It is time that apart from infrastructure investments, the company focused on new technologies”, Radosław Włoszek, CEO of Kraków Airport explained.

The openness of the Kraków Airport and EC Grupa to cooperation as well as the experience of both the companies in development of innovative solutions and their implementation have made it possible to set up an attractive support programme for start-ups. It is also worth emphasising that Małopolska entrepreneurs have joined the programme in the capacity of supporting partners. The activity of accelerator will also be supported by seven innovative production companies active in the Kraków special economic zone.

Participants will be given everything that it takes to reach for success in the market: knowledge, experience, contact, and financing. For those potentially interested in the programme, let us mention that the call for applications will be launched in the spring of 2017, yet it’s worthwhile to observe and participate in all actions that support the development of technology businesses conducted by the Kraków Technology Park.




Largest investment in Kraków zone since MAN

Today, the Japanese Mabuchi Motor corporation informed about its decision to start a new investment in the Kraków special economic zone. Mabuchi will operate in one of the subzones situated in Małopolska, and by 2023 will have invested around PLN 360 million and open 400 new jobs. The planned developed in Poland will be Mabuchi’s first in Europe.

Largest investment in Kraków zone since MAN

Talks concerning the investment continued from the spring. The Kraków Technology Park (KTP) presented the investor with a handful of possible options. Mabuchi Motor decided to open its investment in one of the subzones located in the vicinity of the motorway. The negotiations included the participation of the authorities of the commune and of Małopolska Region.


Annual Business in Małopolska Meeting 2016 is over 04/11/2016

Annual Business in Małopolska Meeting 2016 is over

This year for the first time the Kraków Technology Park (KTP) awarded its prizes during the Annual Business in Małopolska Meeting (ABiMM). Their recipients were Zator Commune – for special services for Polish business, Woodward Poland for opening jobs for highly qualified Polish engineers, and for running research and development work in Niepołomice, and Reality Games for determination and madness in the exceedingly dynamic growth. The prizes were presented by Jadwiga Emilewicz, Undersecretary of State at the Ministry of Development, Józef Pilch, Governor of Małopolska, and Jacek Krupa, Marshal of the Małopolska Region. The KTP Special Prize was awarded to Krystyna Sadowska, Director of the Promotion and SEZ Development Department and the “mother of the ABiMM”.


The special quest of the event was Jasiek Mela and his Foundation. In his exceedingly inspiring adress, Jasiek discussed his personal experience, activity of the foundation, and the planned Walk Camp for amputation patients. We encourage everyone to support the initiative.

The evening closed in gala concert by Julia Pietrucha and dinner in the modern premises of the showroom.

The host of the event was Małgorzata Popławska, KTP Vice President of the Board.



KPT and KKF partner 41st Gdynia Film Festival

The brightest highlight of the Polish cinema – the 41st Film Festival in Gdynia – is over. Its partners were the Kraków Technology Park (KTP) and Kraków Film Cluster (KKF). Our partnership introduced a range of actions promoting the region’s film sector conducted under a single motto – Film Małopolska. And this worked! Film Małopolska was present at the festival thanks to promotional campaigns conducted by all the partners of the Małopolska agreement.

Like in the previous years, the KKF and the KTP actively supported young Polish film artists, and funded awards in the Young Cinema competition. The Kraków Technology Park was financed of the main prize of PLN 10,000, and also – together with the Film Cluster – set up a special prize in the form of production and postproduction bonds of the total value of PLN 50,000.

The partners of the production bond prize were Akademia Multi Art , Cinelight  oraz Sound Mind Michał Fojcik. The bond covers the rental of the MultiLab KTP postproduction studio for the postproduction of film image: conforming, colour correction, DCP, and editing room rental.

Both the prizes were granted to Kordian Kądziela, director of Szczękościsk / Lockjaw and a graduate of the Faculty of Radio and Television of the University of Silesia.

KPT and KKF partner 41st Gdynia Film Festival

The jury of the Young Cinema Competition presided over by Agnieszka Smoczyńska-Konopka and the KKF representatives jury were unanimous about awarding the special prize. The decision of the jury was also loudly applauded by the audience, which means it expressed the expectations of the audience and representatives of the sector alike. “Szczękościsk / Lockjaw is a very thought-provoking and original bid. We enjoyed the combination of various genres and the formal concept for the film. This promises a really interesting début, which – let’s hope – is going to take place in Małopolska, and have the support of the cluster and the KTP”, Aneta Zagórska, Director-General of the KKF, said.

“We set up this prize in the hope to stimulate the young cinema in Małopolska, and these are the results unfolding before our eyes, and with our support, as attested by the prizes awarded in Gdynia.” Krystyna Sadowska, Director of the KTP Promotion and SEZ Development Department added.

An additional element promoting the Małopolska film sector was the chillout zone, coorganised with Netia OFF Camera, Kraków Film Commission, and Kraków Technology Park. Partners of the zone also included Cinelight and Daul, who belong to the cluster. Members of the Kraków Film Cluster were material in the production of a number of films awarded at the festival. Worth mentioning is the success of Hycel / The Dog Catcher, directed by Daria Woszek, a member of the KKF, which was nominated Best Film in the Short Film Competition. We once again thank all our partners for the support of our promotional activities, and festival organisers for magnificent reception. Let’s meet in Gdynia next year!


2nd European Cybersecurity Forum – CYBERSEC 08/09/2016

2nd European Cybersecurity Forum – CYBERSEC

Krakow Technology Park is the partner of the 2nd European Cybersecurity Forum – CYBERSEC in Kraków, Poland, on September 26-27, 2016 at ICE KRAKÓW Congress Centre.

 CYBERSEC is an annual public policy conference dedicated to various aspects of cyberspace and cybersecurity in Europe. The 1st edition of CYBERSEC was a great success. It gathered 400 participants from around the world, among whom were political decision-makers, diplomats, experts, business leaders and academic researchers. CYBERSEC  2015 was recognised by Concise Courses as one of Europe’s top 5 cybersecurity conferences.


The innovative, target-oriented conception of the conference distinguished CYBERSEC from other events. Our goal is not only to discuss issues, but also to develop stakeholder-specific guidelines, policy recommendations and educational initiatives aimed at integrating the influential stakeholders who play a critical role in Europe’s cybersecurity. The formula of the conference enables us to promote multistakeholder co-operation as well as facilitating bilateral talks by many networking opportunities.

CYBERSEC 2016 speakers will include, among others: Anna Streżyńska – Poland’s Minister of Digital Affairs, Melissa Hathaway – Cybersecurity expert in administrations of George W. Bush and Barack Obama; Senior Advisor, Harvard Kennedy School’s Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, Bogdan Święczkowski – Poland’s National Prosecutor, First Deputy to the Prosecutor General, Gen. Yair Cohen – Former Head of Unit 8200 of the Israel Defence Forces, CEO of PeriTech for Investment and Technology in Cyber Security, Nigel Inkster – Director of Future Conflict and Cyber Security, International Institute for Strategic Studies; Former Assistant Chief and Director of Operations and Intelligence, British Secret Intelligence Service (MI6), Luigi Rebuffi – Secretary General of the European Cyber Security Organisation (ECSO), Jamie Shea – Deputy Assistant Secretary General for Emerging Security Challenges, NATO – UK, Alexander O’Cinneide – Managing Director and Head of Europe for Paladin Capital Group.

More details about the CYBERSEC formula and this year’s topics can be found in the attached teaser.

To register, please visit:



Success of Kraków company

We have the pleasure to announce that Synerise SA (former HG Intelligence SA), owner of platform, has obtained capital for the development of new product class and introduction of the platform to the SME segment through private placement. In just two years, Synarise has reached the value of PLN 50 million. The company has registered seat in Kraków Technology Park (KTP), and is one of the investments supported by the KTP Seed Fund.

The company was incorporated by Miłosz Baluś, Krzysztof Kochmański, and Jarosław Królewski in July 2013. In the second quarter of 2014, it began investigating a unique technology, bringing together data and machine learning mechanisms together with artificial intelligence for optimisation of sales and marketing divisions operation.

Success of Kraków company to is an enterprise-class platform for large organisations that allows operation in omnichannel type systems of automated marketing and offers innovative data processing solutions. The tool integrates various channels of intelligence on organisation, clients, and their loyalty to brand, which greatly facilitates the making of strategic decisions related to marketing activity and predicts sales.

Currently, Synerise SA employs nearly 40 IT specialists. The company is the Honorary Patron of the Polish Artificial Intelligence Association, and a permanent partner of institutions of higher education, notably the AGH University of Science and Technology in Kraków


Research commercialised in the zone 12/07/2016

Research commercialised in the zone

Switcher makes use of an innovative technology that is just entering final marketing phase. The advanced system for the logistics of railway turnouts designed, produced, and developed by the Kolejowe Zakłady Nawierzchniowe “Bieżanów” thanks to the funds from the National Centre for Research and Development (NCBiR) will now go into serial production thanks to a new investment project conducted in the Kraków special economic zone. To make it possible, the Board of the Kraków Technology Park (KTP) issued a permit for the company to operate within the zone a few days ago.

The company’s investment will include the development and further modernisation of the plant. The purpose is to launch the production of an innovative dumper car with a tipping platform, a safe and precise hydraulic lifting system, and special modules increasing the load rigidity and stabilisation. The Switcher will help to assemble railway turnouts faster, also on tracks dedicated for high velocity trains, maintaining the highest quality and durability of these elements of rail infrastructure as they are highly significant for travel security.


Thanks to the technology developed at KZN, the production of a railway turnout, ending with the final assembly of the unit into the railroad system will run in a single, controlled technological process. The turnout will arrive at the place of its installation as a ready-to-assemble unit. This will make it possible to avoid its disassembly at the production plant and reassembly at the construction site, which had a negative impact on the precision and infallibility. The technology gained recognition among experts and practitioners in the field, and received numerous awards for innovation in the national Teraz Polska Competition, the regional Innovator Małopolski Competition, and in the industry-wide Ernest Malinowski Competition.

The investment project conducted in the KTP monetises the research work previously co-financed from the funds of the NCBiR, as part of the action 1.5 OP IE in the Innotech III programme, In-Tech path. KZN “Bieżanów” will invest at least PLN 30 million and set up at least 40 new jobs. At the moment, the companies employs 200 people.



Lajkonik in the zone

Modern technologies also enter food manufacturing plants. Lajkonik Snacks will develop its operation in Kraków special economic zone. Owners of the company decided to increase production, which entails the need to expand production facilities. The new hall will be developed for a state-of-the-art multi-technology line for production of salty snacks. The new line will make it possible to programme fully the process of production and to obtain unique tastes that are certain to find plenty of enthusiasts.

The investment outlay will exceed PLN 31.8 million and result in creating at least 30 new jobs.


This is already the 12th permit issued by the Board of the Kraków Technology Park (KTP) this year.


Velvet Care invests in the zone 01/07/2016

Velvet Care invests in the zone

Velvet Care, a company known very well in the Polish and international markets, decided to make a new investment. The leading Polish manufacturers of paper-based hygiene products is expanding the power plant operating in Klucze (Małopolska), by installing state-of-the-art machines producing tissue used in hygienic products.

Then investment will be completed in the Kraków special economic zone at the cost of PLN 170 million. The company employing 270 people, announced opening at least 50 new jobs. Velvet Care also runs research and development activity, and works closely with institutions of higher education, notably with the technical universities of Kraków and Łódź.


KTP building architecture awarded!

It is our great pleasure to inform you that our building is a winner of Kraków mój dom / Kraków My Home competition organised by Dziennik Polski local daily, in the commercial and business category. The jury recognised the interesting architectural solutions and appreciated the arrangement of shared space designed for the tenants of the Kraków Technology Park (KTP). Thank you very much!

KTP building architecture awarded!

The design is a work of Aleksander Mirek of Kontrapunkt V-Projekt.


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