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Another investment from Woodward 26/01/2018

Another investment from Woodward

Awaiting the new regulations on special economic zones, entrepreneurs apply for operation within them on the power of legacy ones. Woodward Poland is another company to have applied to the Kraków Technology Park (KTP) to reinvest in Niepołomice, and received another, already the fourth, permit from the Board of the KTP that entitles the company to income tax exemption. It is important to note that the value of exemption depends on the actual entrepreneur’s investment outlay. This time, the company declared around PLN 10 million expenditure to be spent on the development of the facility, and purchase of machines and equipment.


Woodward is an American company designing, producing, and servicing control systems solutions for aviation and energy markets. Its production facilities operate in 11 countries, with Niepołomice being the only one operating in Poland. The Polish daughter company was set up in April 2005, and its dynamic development prompted the American management to invest into a new facility in Niepołomice, which opened in 2010 on the power of a permit issued by the KTP. The company has invested over PLN 80 million in Niepołomice, and goes on investing. It has also opened around 400 jobs. In 2016 Woodward Poland was awarded the Kraków Technology Park Prize for offering employment to highly qualified Polish engineers.



Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas and Happy Peaceful New Year! We look forward to our continued successfull collaboration. Krakow Technology Park team.

Merry Christmas!
New developments in the Kraków zone 01/12/2017

New developments in the Kraków zone

Recently the Kraków Technology Park (KTP) has issued two permits for operation in the special economic zone. The new investment in Zator will be conducted by Labra sp. z o.o. A family company operating since 2010, Labra designs and manufactures modern light casings. The investment in Zator zone requires the construction of a new production facility consisting of a production hall and an office and administrative building. The envisaged total cost of the investment is PLN 4.5 million.


FoodCare will make another investment in Niepołomice, as the company intends to invest PLN 35 million in the furnishing of the existing plant with state-of-the-art production lines that will make it possible to increase the production capacity of the Niepołomice facility. This is the fourth permit issued to the company by the KTP. The company has already invested over PLN 76 million in the zone.

From the beginning of this year, the KTO has issued 17 permits for operation in the special economic zone.                                                                                                              




Credible for Business

We are pleased to inform that the Kraków Technology Park has won Rzetelni dla biznesu (Credible for Business) Award for our innovative approach to business that has supported its development in Małopolska for 20 years. The prize was awarded to the motion from the Governor (Voivode) of Małopolska. Thank you!

Credible for Business
Kraków Technology Park 20th Anniversary Awards 10/10/2017

Kraków Technology Park 20th Anniversary Awards

We have the pleasure to inform you that the Kraków Technology Park Awards accompanying the NonStop Future celebrations of the 20 years of the company were awarded to:

Comarch SA

It is among others thanks to this company that the world sees Kraków today as one of the best places to run modern knowledge-based investments. Operating all over the world in what is broadly construed as the IT sector, the company is Kraków’s greatest business card.

Comarch also sets an example for all start-ups as it has its roots in the academic world. It grew from the university, nearly in the proverbial garage, to become a global brand after 24 years of operation. The company received its first permit to operate in Kraków special economic zone in 1998. It was the second permit issued by the Kraków Technology Park. Since that time the operation of the company has been closely linked to the zone.

Valeo Autosystemy sp. z oo

In the 21 years of presence in our region, the company has followed a very interesting path of transformation, which has brought it to its current success, and secured successive investment projects as part of a worldwide group.

The company operates in two locations: in Chrzanów and Skawina. It is a perfect example of the economic development of Małopolska, where modern industry develops its own research and development centre in cooperation with institutions of higher education, where state-of-the-art solutions implemented directly in own factories are created. Worth adding is the fact that these make use of more than 100 modern production lines. The company is active in the motoring industry, whose contribution to the development of the Małopolska GDP is on the rise. The company already employs over 4500 people in the special economic zone, and the investment outlay declared on the power of permits issued by the KTP has reached PLN 660 million.


Synerise SA

In the four years of operation, Synerise, with its seat in the Kraków Technology Park, has made a powerful effort to develop from a small start-up to a large stable business capable of finding not only investors but primarily successive clients, and moreover to do it in the most difficult and prestigious segment of the market: enterprise. Sinerise owes all this to the team of consummate professionals, who are simply eager to work. With the support of the KTP Seed Fund, and later also of Satus Venture, the company has built a spectacularly innovative service in marketing automation.

Niepołomice Commune

Niepołomice is the commune that defined the course of development for other industrial zones in the region and beyond. It has showed how important the role of territorial authorities is in the process of attracting investments. Entrepreneurs know the commune as a magnificent business partner understanding their needs. It cares not only for investors but also for the interests of locals, and the sustainable development of the city and commune.

Our first contacts started in 2001, and the first joint success came with the arrival of the German company MAN in the zone in 2005. Today, Niepołomice is the largest industrial subzone in Małopolska and the largest of the Kraków Technology Park subzones at the same time.



Kraków Technology Park: 20 years

Developing a technology park in Kraków 20 years ago, its founders envisaged ambitious tasks for the institution. The Centre for Advanced Technologies, as that was the original name of the company (Centrum Zaawansowanych Technologii), was there to build a better future of Kraków economy. It was 1997, the time of rapid economic transformations. Production plants were going out of business around Kraków and the region, and people were becoming unemployed and worried about their now uncertain future. At the time, however, there was plenty enthusiasm for changes that were to build a new dimension in the economy of our city and region. The Kraków Technology Park (KTP) was about to become one of the tools of these changes. We were to create the modern economy of Małopolska. Now, with 20 years of experience and transformations that have occurred in the world around us, we know that our role is to run ahead of the reality; that we always have to be a step ahead. There is no development without change, and time has sped up greatly, and the future in advanced economies has become the present. We have a feeling that we have used our time well, and find proofs for that every day. NonStop FUTURE is our answer to the challenges of tomorrow.

Kraków Technology Park: 20 years

On 6 and 7 October we meet at Kraków Technology Park to sum up the 20 years of operation of the Park together. During the 20th Birthday Gala, we will award prizes to the companies that have achieved great success, whether as beneficiaries of public aid in the special economic zone or as tenants of the Technology Park,” says Wojciech Przybylski, CEO of the KTP. “We will also present prizes to the local authorities, as these have been the communes that have been our crucial partners in all these years; it is with them that we created the special economic zone and populated it with Polish and foreign investments.”

“As far as economy is concerned, we have a sense of duty well fulfilled.” Says Małgorzata Popławska, Deputy President of the KTP. “Yet, in this moment, so special for the Kraków Technology Park, we would also like to help, even to a modest degree, the institutions that help to improve the lives of people with disabilities. We have started cooperation with two highly acclaimed centres in Kraków that provide among others education to IT specialists. Besides financial support we have also offered them specialist support and our readiness to extend the patronage of the KTP over their IT courses. We hope that both the Korczak Special Educational Centre for the Deaf and the Special Educational Centre for the Visually Impaired Children will find cooperation with us worthwhile and find new options for the development for their students.”

At this time, so special for us, we are keen to meet as many people as possible. That is why, we invite you on Saturday to participate in technology workshops that will let you learn and do plenty of things. Make Things has for years enjoyed a great interest, and this year we propose e.g. workshops in programming, soldering, and 3-D printing. In the main lobby, you will find presentations of companies offering interesting technologies. We will welcome our guests with a birthday cake and music.

What the KTP offers companies has developed into a truly extensive range of services. We support both developing and mature companies, help to create business, teach, and support. We are glad to see the result of the 20 years of our work.


PHILOGIC joins the zone 30/09/2017

PHILOGIC joins the zone

Another small company to benefit from tax relief thanks to investment in the zone. PHILOGIC Sp. z o.o. will invest close to PLN 3 million and set up six new jobs in Chrzanów. The public aid the company will be granted in the successive years will relieve it from the payment of Corporate Income Tax in the approximate amount of PLN 1.6 million. A major relief for a small company, incorporated in 2011.

PHILOGIC specialises in the construction of assembly lines. Other than producing them, the company also designs and assembles devices on the production lines, and integrates software for such lines and individual stations. Moreover, PHILOGIC modifies existing equipment to increase efficiency, improve quality, and adjust extant equipment to new products.

An investment by PHILOGIC in the zone sets a perfect example for other small companies, proving the mechanism of the special economic zone to be a perfect tool for supporting development.


Poland: investment zone

Yesterday Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki announced the “Polish investment zone” programme in Krynica to define an absolutely new framework for supporting investments in Poland. The Kraków Technology Park (KTP) welcomes the proposed changes with plenty of hopes.

“The change opens new options for Małopolska and the KTP, as there will be no long and troublesome procedure for expanding the zone any more. Małopolska lacks public land resources, and plenty of investments have been and will be developed on private land”, Vice President of the KTP, Małgorzata Popławska, said.

The Kraków Technology Park was one of the managing companies that most often applied for extending the zone to private land, a procedure that was exceptionally time-consuming and difficult to run.

“Indeed, the current regulations on extending special economic zones over private land were quite time-consuming and delayed many investments. In the light of the new plans, the procedure will be far quicker and much less complex. Defining the borders of operation of individual zone managing companies will eliminate internal competition between these entities and define clear limits for operation. From the point of view of the KTP, this makes the option to request assistance anywhere in Poland, without creation of specially delineated zones, a step in the good direction” Popławska added.

Poland: investment zone

It is also important that companies managing the zones are to be more involved in the process of investor care, which will now no longer be limited to the processing of the permit only. As the KTP launched its centre for investor services (CeBiM) already long ago in cooperation with the Office of the Marshal of Małopolska Region and the Małopolska Regional Development Agency (MARR), the change just means promotion of such a model of operation. Companies managing the zones will still be responsible for issuing permits and controlling them, therefore there is no change of the role in this area.

There is a novelty in the criteria of granting permits, which will now depend on investment outlay, investment quality, and location. We do not fully know how the new quality criteria will operate in practice, yet they are certainly a clear signal that we want to support investments with higher added value. The significant lowering of the thresholds for the SMEs is a good idea, as it increases the likelihood that such companies will also be able to use the assistance offered in the zones.



Successful conference: global promotion of Kraków and the KTP 05/09/2017

Successful conference: global promotion of Kraków and the KTP

OpenLivingLab Days 2017 is over. Bror Salmelin of the European Commission, our guest for the five days of the conference, thanked the Kraków Technology Park (KTP) and admitted that “the organisation, logistics, study visits, the locations presented and the programme designed, and even catering could not have been better”. An opinion that was generally shared. Participants of the OpenLivingLab Days 2017, and there were no fewer of them than 300, left Kraków highly satisfied with what they saw, learnt, and experienced during an event that was a fantastic promotion of the city and our company that taken to 30 countries on four continents: Eurasia, North and South Americas, and Australia.

As one of two accredited living labs in Poland and a member of the European Network of Living Labs, the Kraków Technology Park has offered an opportunity to participate in an exceptionally intensive five-day program that consisted of presentations of the best research works in applied living lab methodology, workshops, and exchange of experience and know-how, practical workshops combined with local visits and presentation of projects conducted in Kraków in Małopolska. Our guests visited among others Lamusownia, that is the Selective Waste Collection Point, City Greenery Authority (ZZM, woonerf project in Krupnicza Street), Traffic Control Centre, LifeScience Cluster, and Małopolska Laboratory of Energy Efficient Buildings. The subjects of presentations and local visits were aligned with the five thematic areas of the workshops, namely living lab & policy, circular economy, smart city, service design, and healthcare. Participants became familiar with the best innovative projects implemented by national and municipal institutions and the challenges that still require solutions.


The list of panellists was impressive. Their number included Jesus Maria Alquézar Sabadie (representative of the European Commission, DG Research and Innovation), Professor Jarosław Górniak from the Jagiellonian University, Bror Salmelin (adviser for Innovation Systems at the European Commission, Directorate General for Communications, Network, content, and Technology (DG CONNECT)), Noboru Konno (CEO of the Japan Future Alliances Innovation Network), Dr Belinda Chen (Deputy Director of the Taiwan Living Lab), Professor Rudolf Giffinger (Technical University of Vienna), Wim De Kinderen (Brainport Eindhoven), Nuria de Lama (representative of ATOS R&I at the European Commission), Andrés Barreneche (policy analyst at the Directorate for Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) of the OECD), Juan Bertolin (director of the Espaitec Science Park), Bartosz Sokoliński and Karol Wosiński (Industrial Development Agency), Adrianna Pawlik (Polish NCR&D), and a bevy of eminent scholars and practitioners from all over the world. Participants in the conference had an opportunity to listen to an address by Jean-Claude Burgelman (Head of Unit Science Policy, Foresight and Data, Unit at the Directorate-General for Research and Innovation), who shared his vision about development trends and courses in innovation.


These have been remarkably exciting and insensitive days. Next year we meet in Geneva.




Industry Innovation Day

The Industry Innovation Day will be held at the Kraków Technology Park (KTP) on 12 September. It ends the first, pilot edition of the KTP ScaleUp accelerator.

11 start-ups that have honed their produce to be launched for major clients with us for three months will present their story so far on stage. The solutions for industry and smart cities we can observe and test include interactive solar benches, wireless communication systems for challenging industrial spaces, training simulators for critical infrastructure, and sensors for monitoring civil engineering constructions.

The invited guests will discuss what the introduction of innovation in the spirit of Industry 4.0 looks like in Polish companies.

The participants are representatives of large production companies, media, and authorities.


Industry Innovation Day

Agenda of the Industry Innovation Day:

3:30pm  participant registration

4:00pm  introduction

4:30pm  presentations by 11 start-ups from the KTP ScaleUp programme

5:15pm  How to develop a start-up in the industrial sector? – case studies of Elmodis and Efento

5:35pm  On cooperation of start-ups with large enterprises from both perspectives – acceleration of the KTP ScaleUp case study

6:00pm  Has industry 4.0 already reached Poland? – Andrzej Garbacki of Astor on the ways and objects of investments by domestic enterprises

6:20pm  presentation of the services of the Industrial Development Agency

6:30pm  the Exhibition Zone and dinner

If you are interested in innovation and would like to participate in the event, you are kindly requested to contact the organiser.


Paulina Mazur

tel. +48 536 450 510



NonStop FUTURE. Kraków Technology Park: 20 years
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