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Kraków Film Cluster (KKF) is a cluster of professional businesses, organisations, and experienced professionals operating in the film sector in Małopolska. It is also a platform for exchanging information, and promotional, educational and innovative activities.

The cluster offers complete on-set, production, and postproduction services, which streamlines film production in Małopolska. It helps to acquire funds in the region and manage the project. Its support extends both to major and small-scale productions, ensuring top-class specialists, professional equipment, picturesque locations, and high quality of services at preferential prices. Its services are offered to foreign producers and Polish ones from outside Małopolska.

Thanks to its members, the cluster is a production conglomerate capable of completing any film production in the south of Poland. The KKF is also the partner of the Kraków Technology Park (KTP) multimedia laboratory (MultiLab).

Urszula Woźniak,, 12 345 32 15

Digital Entertainment Cluster



The operation of the Digital Entertainment Cluster (DEC) was initiated in 2013, and its main mission is to support the games market. The basic tasks of the cluster include organisation of cooperation between Polish businesses, enhancement of the potential of the Polish sector at foreign fairs, and support in obtaining financing for participation therein. Following the principle that “size does matter”, it significantly leverages promotion of Polish businesses at international events. Additionally, the DEC supports the process of acquiring foreign business partners for Polish companies from the sector.

Anna Krampus-Sepielak,, 12 345 32 08




Małopolska MakeIT Cluster is an alliance of businesses operating in the realm of new technologies. It is primarily a group of people who believe that it is quality that provides the greatest competitive edge of the Polish IT sector. An ecosystem favouring cooperation has been developed inside the KTP building. The presence of many businesses at a single location helps to start business contacts, run projects, exchange experience, and jointly represent the interests of IT sector businesses.






The agreement incorporating the Małopolska education cluster was signed in May 2015. It aims at improving the quality of vocational education, increase availability of hands-on training, internships and residencies for students conducted in the actual working environment. Members of the cluster include schools, centres for vocational and life-long education, communes, counties, companies (including Pawbol sp. z oo., Fideltronik Poland sp. z oo., Krakodlew SA,), the Local Education Authority in Kraków, Małopolska Regional HQ for Voluntary Labour Corps, Małopolska Chamber of Craft and Entrepreneurship, and Małopolska In-Service Teacher Training Centre.

As the coordinator of the cluster, the Kraków Technology Park organises reconnaissance visits in businesses situated both within the special economic zone and beyond for students of lower secondary, vocational, and technical secondary schools from the Małopolska Region.



Agata Skolmowska-Wójs,, 12 345 32 06

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