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The Kraków Technology Park (KTP) is more than just infrastructure and creative environment. We provide the most innovative businesses with access to financial assets that let them develop products and services changing the world. Cooperating with capital investors, we set up investment vehicles that finance the development of innovative enterprises at the early, most risky stage of development.

Operating currently at the KTP are the KTP Seed Fund and INNOventure.


  KPT Seed Fund

The KTP Seed Fund is a joint project of the Kraków Technology Park and SATUS Venture. It makes investments in innovative business projects, developing capital companies with concept owners. Its portfolio includes over 20 businesses, many of which have already acquired successive investors – both individuals and venture capital funds.

In 2010–14, the KTP Seed Fund investments made use of the Innovation Economy programme. Beginning with 2015, the Fund uses capital from own funds obtained from the sales of shares in companies in which it made prior investments.

The KTP Seed Fund is especially interested in engineering, technology, and IT projects.                                   mail:                      tel. 12 3878160



The INNOventure is a fund that specialises in commercialisation of results of research and scientific work. It was set up in December 2014 in collaboration with private investors and the National Centre for Research and Development, as part of the BRIdge Alpha programme.

INNOventure supports scientists and inventors in project development and marketing, and increasing project value. Embarking on cooperation with the fund, concept owners may count on minimum bureaucracy, protection of intellectual property rights, a transparent path of commercialisation, and financial assets for pre-incubation activities and investments.

INNOventure fund cooperates closely with institutions of higher education, scientific institutes, technology transfer centres, and special purpose vehicles spun off by institutions of higher education. This cooperation has resulted in the setting up of the first companies based on intellectual property developed in institutions of higher education.                       mail:                     tel. 12 3878160


The funds operating at the Kraków Technology Park invest money, yet their support goes far beyond pure capital. Understanding the extensive range of needs and requirements that a new, developing firm faces, they also provide support at the content, advisory, and business levels. We operate within an ecosystem that brings together concept owners, and weathered entrepreneurs and investors.

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